What to Expect From the Lunar Eclipse on July 27

lunar eclipse phases

by Keen Astrologer: Leslie Hale

The second eclipse of summer is a lunar eclipse that falls at 4 degrees of Aquarius, July 27-28. The lunar peak occurs in the US at 4:20PM, EDT, although it is not visible. This is a total lunar eclipse that will last 103 minutes, making it the longest of this century.

Eclipses are like wildcards, and one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve. An eclipse can seem good or bad, depending on what it aspects in your personal chart, and often an eclipse is dramatic, or reveals important information if it aspects a significant point in your own chart/life. An eclipse often brings news pertaining to life’s biggest events.

With an eclipse we have both endings and beginnings. A solar eclipse is more like a new beginning, and it is always a new moon. A lunar eclipse can bring more news of endings, and is associated with a full moon. Almost always, unexpected information comes to light and, at this time, something may be eclipsed completely out of your life, or into your life.

Eclipse in Aquarius

This eclipse is in Aquarius, which rules the 11th house of the collective, friends, groups, as well as hopes and wishes. The collective will come into play, and events can occur that pertain to us as a whole, or within your personal collective group or organization.

The planetary rulers of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. Uranus is known to bring the unexpected. An Aquarius eclipse is time to reach out and try something new. Aquarius is about trying new and different situations which can attain different results.

An eclipse like this one last occurred in July, 1999. If you are old enough to remember what happened then, you may have some idea of what this eclipse may bring you on a personal level.

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How Other Planets Come Into Play

The Moon conjunct Mars is the strongest influence of this eclipse and can make you feel that you are ready to take the initiative in many areas of your life. On the other hand this can create irritation, anger or frustration toward women, family members or those closest in your life. It may be difficult to control emotions at this time, and if you remain in an agitated state and you can act irrationally or without thinking. Others could act this way toward you. It is important to remember this is not the time to push controversial issues, and emotional control is important.

The Sun opposes Mars. This can be an energetic transit and you can experience a busy time. Sun-Mars is associated with sex, personal initiative, and the other side of this is anger, agitation, bossiness and frustration. You could also experience this in your relationships with others. As the Sun rules the ego, many people may be unwilling to compromise of back down on issues.

Mars is retrograde, and this can create an excessive amount of frustration, and sometimes anger. As Mars retrogrades we often experience delays or have to back track rather than move forward. If you struggle with some destructive issue or behavior you may have to admit change is needed at this time. Health matters can sometimes take longer to resolve. As Mars rules men, they often seem to go ‘retrograde.’

This eclipse (Moon) squares Uranus. This can create rapid mood swings, changes in mood and attitude, restlessness and unpredictable behavior from yourself or others. You could create or experience an emotional outburst within yourself or from others and this transit creates a fluid and changeable atmosphere. Uranus is connected with explosions and explosive circumstances, shocks and surprises. Some situations and relationships may suddenly end as Uranus is connected with a desire for freedom.

The Moon, Mars and the Sun square Uranus. This creates what is called a t-square whereby the energies of three planets are involved. This gives us a strong urge to break from restrictions and limitations imposed from others or within ourselves. Mars will continue to square Uranus through the first week of August creating unexpected situations and events connected to the eclipse that can continue to play out in coming weeks.  This is not the time to take any dangerous risk, or you may experience shocks and surprises, or express this as inventive, unusual or creative energy.

Venus trines Pluto. With this we can find solutions to problems connected with money, love or other areas. Some will focus on romance.

Saturn trines Uranus. This will give us some much needed stability. Saturn rules the old and Uranus the new and the two can be harmoniously combined during this time. This can help give you focus.

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Break Free and Move Forward

The best outcome of this eclipse is an opportunity where you may break free of situations that have been holding you back, and this can happen unexpectedly and without notice.  You may break free of relationships, jobs or many other aspects of your life and during this time you could find unique and cutting edge solutions to problems. The energy is erratic and unpredictable and needs to be channeled into constructive work and activities. Even still, it is highly fluid and likely something will change and work out differently than you expect. At worst, this is angry, volatile and unchanneled energy that can lead to rash or impulsive action, unexpected and unwanted change.

As Mercury is just beginning its stationary retrograde period, communications and situations may be confused and plans may not work out as expected. When an eclipse falls on retrograde Mercury events connected to the eclipse may be delayed.

This eclipse will be a test of our stability on a personal and emotional level. It is time to change certain things, without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. As Saturn trines Uranus, we have the ability to move forward in a positive, focused and enlightened manner without having to absorb the other erratic/unpredictable energies that are also at play.


About the Author:

Leslie began to study metaphysics at a very young age. After college she pursued a career in media but her passion for astrology turned into two decades of intense study during the 1980’s-90’s. Leslie joined Keen in 2002 and specializes in relationships, breakups, finance, and time-frames relating to specific life events.

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