3 Affirmations That Will Get You Through Anything

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When we struggle, when we’re in times of strife, it can seem so swift and simple to detach from our being and lose sight of who we are and the power that we hold. The power of the heart and mind are so deep, so powerful, and yet life’s customary ebbs and flows can still cause us to get lost in the surfs of worry, anxiety, self-doubt, or self-pity. Do you find yourself stumbling with your goals, duties, and dreams in life? When you begin to spiral like this, getting out of this pattern can seem impossible. It’s not. 

You have the power to change and feel back to your strong, motivated, and powerful self in no time at all. 

There are the words that can change your thoughts, change your life, and get you through anything. When life presents us with unwelcome obstacles to overcome, an affirmation can make all the difference. Here are three affirmations with the power to help you get through anything. 

1. Everything is happening exactly as it is meant to. 

Repeat this to yourself, every day, and remember that we don’t have the power to change the past, but we have the immense capability to shape our future how we want and deserve. Stop the negative thinking about being powerless over the product of your daily life. 

2. I can do whatever I put my mind to. 

Do you believe this to be true? If you don’t, then you need to start saying it to yourself, every day, to begin believing it. It is absolutely, 100% true, and once you start believing it, you’ll start seeing just how much you can shape your world the way you want. 

3. I am loved. 

Who doesn’t want to be accepted and loved by the people around them? Whether we recognize it or not, so much of what we strive for is driven by our desire to be liked by our peers. Too often, though, instead of believing that we are good enough and appreciated, we worry about the approval of others. This worry that lives within us is damaging and can stunt our personal growth and achieving full happiness. Tell yourself, “I am loved” and believe it to be true. It is, and it will change your life.

Making affirmations of your daily routine is the first step in changing your life and help you overcome your personal struggles. Not only will they help you get over any obstacle you face, they’ll help ground you every day and teach you to lead a life of mindfulness and authenticity. So take a brief moment every morning to look in the mirror and see your beautiful, vibrant self, and feed your soul with these three simple phrases. Everything is happening exactly as it is meant to. I can do whatever I put my mind to. I am loved. Life is good. 

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