Can Psychics Predict Winning Lottery Numbers?

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When it comes to psychics and psychic readings, there’s one line of criticism that has seemed to become the end all of the argument in the existence of psychics: “If psychics really exist, then how come none of them have ever won the lottery?” If this is the argument someone uses to discredit the existence of the psychic phenomena, then that person doesn’t understand anything about psychics to begin with.

In response to this, a skeptic might think, “Hold on. This doesn’t make sense, because psychics are supposed to predict the future, right?” Well, no. Yes. Maybe. Not quite. Let me explain. 

Do you believe in intuition? Of course you do. All of us have it. It’s in our core. It’s our natural instinct. We can’t exactly explain how it works, but everyone has experienced a time where their intuition kicked in at some point in their life. A psychic is merely someone with a heightened, developed, or practiced intuition. There are so many different types of psychic gifts, you can learn more about some of the most common you hear about in this article

Now, this is oversimplifying it, but it’s the clearest way to answer the question why psychics can’t predict winning lotto numbers. A psychic can feel energy, can see the most likely path ahead for a person, but they will always tell you: the future is not set in stone! You have free will. Nothing is 100% certain. No psychic is 100% correct (and if anyone ever tells you they are, run. It’s a scam.) Psychics don’t work by seeing exactly how the future will turn out. They feel people. They hear things. They sense things within their core. Maybe the hairs on the back of their neck stand up when they come into contact with someone. Maybe they walk into a room and feel the energy from them drain. You can’t oversimplify the phenomena, because it comes in so many forms. How it doesn’t appear, however, is by telling you what numbers are going to be drawn in the lottery. 

Talking to a psychic reader is a tool. It’s not an end-all, be-all. Psychics are empathic, they’re intuitive, they’re tuned into their senses—and your senses perhaps—and the senses of the people around them. What this provides us is information when we need advice. You’re at a fork in the road, which way should you turn? Left or right? A psychic can help lighten those paths for you and describe the most likely outcome of going down either one of them. They can lighten that path for you, but they can’t make you walk it. And if you asked them for winning numbers, they’d tell you to stop wasting your money on preposterous things like lotteries.  

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