3 New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping


At the core of most resolutions lies a foundation for positive growth. So, the title of this article may be a little misleading, because we believe that any resolution that strives for positive change is worth keeping. Having said that, there are a few resolutions we feel should be a part of everyone’s list—not just to make their lives happier and more fulfilling, but to help spread goodness to others too!

1. Drop the Expectations

Probably the biggest barrier that stands in the way to true happiness is a negative attitude. A negative attitude doesn’t necessarily come from angry people or dissatisfied people: it exists in looking at life with expectations. Being happy doesn’t mean you’re dealt a constant stream of good fortune; being happy means your heart and soul are content with the regular ups and downs of your particular life. Don’t expect every day to bring you good. Good lies in how you view things. Bad things happen, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean you should assign any weight to that incident. Because bad things happen, even series of bad things happen—we need to recognize that these things are a part of the natural cycle of life. Don’t expect good to happen. In fact, don’t expect anything. Just work on a positive outlook – practice it—and you’ll find yourself happier and happier every day. 

2. Give More

Giving to others without the expectation of anything in return is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. An assortment of research shows that the act of giving to those in need (or just giving to others in general), either through charitable donations or volunteering time, has a direct positive effect on your health and overall happiness. And the best part? The amount of your charitable donation or time doesn’t matter—just the act of giving in itself positively affects people in the same manner. Not only does the deed of benevolent giving contribute to your daily life in a positive way, it’s just as valuable to the people receiving your help. The ultimate gift of giving through donations and volunteerism is definitely a resolution worth keeping. 

3. Learn & Grow

When we’re young, we have parents that push us to explore and learn. We go to school, with educators and mentors that continue to push us to cultivate skills, develop new perspectives, and learn as much as possible. Once we graduate high school, those figures that are there to push us kind of disappear. As adults, it’s your own job to push yourself to acquire knowledge and grow as a human being. Not just this year, but every year, tell yourself that you will continue to push. You will do your best to learn as much as you can. Take on challenges: train for a marathon (or half-marathon!), practice learning a new language, or pick up an instrument! All these things are worth doing, because the pursuit for knowledge and personal growth are monumental to living a full, happy life. 

Whatever you resolve to do this year or beyond, remember that there’s always a trusted KEEN advisor that can help you find the best path to uncover happiness in every form you seek. Haven’t made a call yet? No worries! Your first three minutes with any advisor are absolutely free. 

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