In a Bad Mood? 4 Simple Ways to Feel Better Fast

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It’s really not that surprising that we shift into bad moods so quickly. Our lives are hectic and complicated. We have families that need attention and budding careers. And then on top of that we have friends that need our time, too. With so much going on, is it shocking that we can be so easily swayed by something like someone cutting us off in the morning, spilling our coffee on our papers and laptop, or getting into an argument with someone over a particular issue. These may seem like cliché examples, yes, but there are so many things that can happen that hurt us and cause our moods to completely shift into the negative. When we feel bad, it’s like a snowball effect that affects anything else that goes on from that moment– and this snowball effect can be so very damaging. 

So now you’re deep in it. Something has flipped your mood and you’re aggravated. Nothing after that seems to go your way. Your pessimism abounds. 

Ok—stop right there! When you find yourself feeling down and pessimistic about things, there are ways to shift your mood and start feeling better before you get trapped in your bad mood. Here are some easy ways to practice quickly getting out of the funk and back into the sunshine where you thrive…

1. Rise Above Yourself

Not literally, but, imagine yourself—your spirit—literally rising above you and viewing whatever lies before you (including yourself) from above. This is a little practice in being present and focusing on the here and NOW. When we begin to feel bad, our attention begins to move rapidly from memory to memory, task to task, future or past. When you find yourself able to step outside of yourself, you see that you’re literally in the moment and what is important is now, not the things you need to do, or didn’t do, or things that cause fear and anxiety. Grounding yourself in the present moment really makes a difference in how you experience your life and realizing what you have control of: right now. 

2. Think “This, too, Shall Pass”

Remember that whatever is going on in your life in this moment is transient. Nothing lasts forever, and what we know for sure is that life is cyclical with ups and downs. What matters is learning to ride the wave in a calm, peaceful, and level-headed way. Enjoy the good things and don’t focus too much on the not-so-good things. They’ll pass soon enough and turn into memories, with new opportunities and potential for great adventures just up ahead. 

3. Go for a Walk

Sometimes when we’re struggling to concentrate, or in a mood where nothing seems to feel right, stepping outside and enjoying some fresh air and sunshine makes a big different in changing the energy in ones’ self. Any type of exercise will do, but even a short walk can make a world of a difference. 

4. Treat Yourself  

What makes you feel good? Really feel good? Is it a long soak in the tub with the candles lit? Listening to your favorite playlist and dancing around like no one is watching? Whatever it may be, DO IT. You have our permission. Give yourself the opportunity to be silly and relax. Shift yourself to self-care and treating yourself right. Indulge in something that makes you feel pampered and upbeat. It could be as simple as getting to bed an hour earlier, but whatever it is, just do it. 

These are just four very simple techniques to remember, but if you feel like what you’re experiencing goes beyond the daily stresses of life and into bigger issues, consider calling an intuitive advisor that can help you get to the core of the most important matters in your life. KEEN Advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are here to help you lead the best life possible. Your first 3-minutes with ANY advisor are absolutely free.  

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