5 Ways to Contact a Psychic

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Psychic advisors are wonderful spiritual guides, using their gifts to bring clarity to life’s mysteries. Today, there are so many different ways you can contact your favorite psychic advisor. Never miss a chance to receive psychic insights, whenever you need it. Here are five ways to contact your psychic:

1. Chat Readings

Online chat is the easiest, most accessible way to get a psychic reading today. Conveniently submit your questions through the chat window, then receive a live reading from a psychic advisor, anytime, anywhere. When you complete a chat reading here on Keen, you can access your chat transcript to revisit any answers and advice provided by your psychic.

2. Phone Readings

If you aren’t one for texting/typing so much, you can also get a psychic reading over the phone! Jump on a call with your advisor and receive instant psychic insights. When you get a phone reading through Keen, we make sure to protect your privacy by not revealing your phone number to anyone, even your advisor.

3. Arrange an Appointment

Is your favorite psychic advisor not available at the moment? Maybe they’re offline for now or they’re in the middle of another reading. Not to worry! Make an appointment for their next availability. Look for the “arrange a call” or “arrange a chat” buttons on the advisor’s profile and select a time frame that works best for your schedule.

4. Ping

Send a direct message to your psychic through Ping! Ping is a great way to reach out to your advisor between readings, so you can follow up on a previous reading or coordinate schedules for your next reading. Send up to 3 pings in a row at no cost, before waiting for a response from an advisor. There is a 300 character limit per message.

5. Mail

You can also send your psychic advisor an email by clicking the mail icon on their listing. You can send a message free of cost to share a thank you note with your psychic, coordinate schedules for your next reading and more. Some advisors also offer a paid mail, where you can receive a psychic reading in an email format.

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