Congratulations to Our Raffle Winners!

Team Keen would like to extend a BIG thank you to everyone who participated in our #FindYourClarity raffle! Countless Keen users and advisors alike posted to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and right here on our blog to share their “Seek ______, Find ______” statements. We were inspired by your creativity and thoughtfulness, and even more so we were touched by the excitement many of you expressed about this new era of the Keen brand.

Over the years, Keen has undergone many changes including changing website designs, brand colors, and now a new logo. But one thing has always stayed the same: our dedication to you. Everyday, we are grateful for your loyalty to Keen and the for amazing community you have created around us. It is always our mission to do our very best in connecting our valued users to talented psychic advisors, and to provide answers, happiness, and clarity.

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this new era of Keen than to show our appreciation to you! At random, we picked five lucky winners to be the recipients of our exclusive package of gifts and Keen swag. Although we absolutely loved every entry, these were the winners:

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 As your prize, we will be sending you a whole package of goodies! The package will include an elegant tote bag branded with our lovely new lotus logo and, of course, our new “Find your clarity” tagline. Also included is a Keen branded journal, for you to keep track of your day-to-day thoughts and musings.


Next, the package will include a your very own sage and rose quartz! For those who may not be familiar, burning sage (smudging) is a ceremonial ritual that you can use to spiritually cleanse your aura, your home, or even your office! Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love, which produces a gentle energy of compassion, peace, comfort, and healing.


Congratulations to our winners, you’ll be receiving your prizes soon! And again, thank you to everyone in Keen community for going on this journey with us.

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