Could I Be Psychic? Take Our Test and Find Out

Could I be Psychic?

If you’re considering whether you have psychic abilities, that’s probably the first sign.

Did you notice that something you had previously thought would happen had occurred? Do you sometimes sense information about a person before they’ve shared anything with you? Have you ever left someone’s home or a conversation feeling drained, like you need a nap? 

Psychic abilities and gifts permit one to perceive things beyond the physical body. They are part of many of our lives, but misunderstood by most. The surprising fact for many is that we are all psychic in one way or another. Perhaps one day you sense that your intuition is incredibly clear, or you’re experiencing déjà vu. While not everyone’s abilities are as developed as others’, we all possess an ability that can be trained with proper technique and practice. 

So, where does it begin? 

The first step is intuition. It’s part of the sixth sense that everyone possesses. Intuition is an awareness of a fact or reality that isn’t necessarily related to any usual reasoning power or logical assumption. Intuition is an insight, a type of wisdom, into events that may or may not take place. This insight surpasses logic, but is far more than an educated guess. Intuition is acquired through past experiences, current events, and natural instinct. All this information gets bundled and stored somewhere deep within us. 

Beyond this however, are other psychic phenomenon like aura sensing, channeling, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, precognition, psychometry, telekinesis, and telepathy. 

We’ve assembled 10 questions to help you assess your own psychic abilities: 

1. Have you ever felt physically or emotionally drained after meeting someone, as if you needed to sleep to recover? 

2. Have you ever felt like a particular event is about to occur and then found out it happened eventually?

3. Have you ever gone to someone’s home feeling fully energized, but left feeling unusually tired (no drinking or eating was involved)? 

4. Do you often have out-of-body experiences or wake up from very lucid dreams? 

5. Have you ever had a lucid out-of-body experience?

6. Have you ever experienced envisioning other dimensions, or people that have passed away?

7. Are your intuitions usually correct? 

8. Have you ever been able to predict the future?

9. How about past events? Have you ever had a retro-cognition or recollection of a previous life?

10. Have you ever felt spontaneous vibration within your body when waking up or when falling asleep?

Did you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions? If so, there’s a good chance you possess a healthy dose or more of psychic ability.

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