Could You Be an Empath?

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Have you ever sensed you’re more emotional and in tune with people around you than your counterparts? Perhaps you sense you have a heightened intuition, and are more spiritual than the people around you. If you answered yes, you may just be an empath.

Empaths are an inquisitive bunch and are very often affected by the energies of the people around them. They have a deep rooted ability to intuitively feel and perceive others and their emotions.

Think you may be an empath, but not sure? Here are some traits of an empath that might help you answer your question:

– You often feel the pain of others, whether they’re near or far

– People often come to you when they have a problem

– You feel emotionally overwhelmed when walking into a room full of people

– Seeing graphic violence, cruelty, or tragedy on television makes you feel physically or emotionally ill

– You can quickly sense if someone says one thing but means another

– Being around certain people makes you feel ill

– You often pick up the physical symptoms of others

– You regularly feel fatigued, especially after being in crowded places (grocery store, malls, etc)

– You get distracted and easily bored if you’re not stimulated

– You have a strong desire for solitude

– You sense plants have consciousness

– You are very kind and tolerant of others

– You love nature and animals

– Negativity is overwhelming to you

– You have a strong intuition

– You often experience lower back pain and digestive problems

– While you may be perceived as moody or shy, you are creative, imaginative, and loving

– You are a great listener

– You can’t stand narcissists

– You don’t need to see people’s faces to read their emotions

– You spend a lot of time thinking about how to alleviate the suffering of people around you

– You believe the truth resides somewhere in the middle between black-and-white

– You can feel and identify various concurrent emotions in yourself and others

– You love to observe interactions

– You consider the needs of others before decision-making

– You are able to remain present in the face of intense emotions like anger, grief, or sadness

If you related to many of the signs above, you most likely are a highly empathic person. Recognizing you have this gift allows you to center yourself and take charge of your emotions, rather than feeling overwhelmed or drowned by them. You can speak to an advisor on KEEN that can help teach you to stay on top of your gift to improve your self-care and even relationships.

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