3 Signs that Your Spirit Guides Are Trying to Get Your Attention

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Somewhere within this realm and the outer planes of existence lies a group of conscious energies specific to you and your life. They exist amid your world and theirs and work to guide you through your life. These energies are what many psychics refer to as guides, or spirit guides. Spirit guides come from somewhere beyond our comprehension and are always with you.

Many people reach out to gifted psychics to tap into the spirit guides and energies around them affecting their life or trying to convey messages. While psychics are the perfect resource to receive extrasensory information that may help you along your path, you might be surprised to learn that you yourself can tap into these energies that help light the way.

While some do take notice of these powerful beings in their lives, others struggle with connecting to their guides. A spirit guide is there to help lead you on a positive path. While we may interpret these energies as a type of fairy godmother, you still need to do the work in actually walking the positive path. If you don’t, your guides use some interesting methods to try to get your attention.

Here are three signs that your guides may be trying to get you to listen…

1. You Lose Your Job

Did you just lose your job? You might feel like it’s the end of the world. It’s hard not to feel defeated and insecure in times like this. Some may go as far as saying it’s a devastating experience. That’s only if you choose to look at it this way. This might be your guides telling you this isn’t the right fit. They’re nudging something in your life to change. They’re giving you new energy to push, and move into a better situation more suited for you. Stay positive and take notice – the next opportunity may be taking you to your higher, better self.

2. You Get Dumped

This again might be an earth shattering experience for some, but if your relationship just ended and you knew it was coming, consider this to be a blessing. Your guides may be pushing you out of this situation because your relationship wasn’t serving your higher self. Try to see the good if this happens before trying to crawl back. When you’re pushed into difficult situations, it’s the most powerful environment for positive change. Recognize what went wrong, or what wasn’t right for you. Your higher self with thank you when you’re in the next healthy, fulfilling relationship. And your guides will be breathing a sigh of relief.

3. You Have an Accident

When things go wrong, it can be so easy to blame the world and complain about life being out to get you. This isn’t the case, in fact, many times when things go wrong, life may be out to help you. If you find yourself getting hurt in some way—broken bone, car accident—it could be a very serious message from your guides intended to get your attention and teach you an important lesson through the experience. Take a deep look and see what positive results come—you might be surprised by what you find!

The concept of a spirit guide might be seen as something there controlling you, but they’re there to help you. When you find yourself stumbling, struggling, or stuck in a rut, keep your eyes open for these types of signs and recognize that you have the power to change. And remember, you’re not alone! Your guides are there to lead you to a positive place, if you just open your eyes and see.

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