How to Develop Your Clairvoyant Powers in 5 Steps

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Clairvoyance, French for “clear seeing,” is the ability to see (within your mind), visualize a future event, or envision something from the paranormal realm. Some people are very powerful with their clairvoyant gifts and are capable of calling upon it with ease (psychics), while others experience their clairvoyance only occasionally.

To many, clairvoyance is essentially a heightened, natural intuition. While many have this deep rooted power, it is often shunned by society and therefore many with this gift will let it slip. However, those that hone their gift will say that it is a powerful tool in their everyday lives that has helped them in countless ways.

Do you sense you have a good intuition and are looking for steps to enhance it and truly sharpen your clairvoyant power? It takes some work, but below are some steps you can practice regularly to enhance your clairvoyance and use it to your benefit.

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STEP 1 Breathe and Concentrate Upon Your “Third Eye”

Honing your clairvoyant power first takes a deep soul commitment. You have to reach deep down to become one with yourself on a deeper level. Part of this includes concentrating upon your third eye, an energy center, known as a “chakra,” which activates clairvoyance. This chakra area supplies psychic pictures.

To activate your third eye, find a peaceful, quiet place where you can concentrate and sit quietly with your thoughts. Take deep breaths, and place your focus on the area between your two eyes. As you breathe deeply, close your eyes and notice whether this third eye is open, closed, or somewhere in the middle. If it’s not yet open, or not open fully, reiterate your readiness to release any anxiety or fright in seeing it psychically. As you connect deeper with yourself and your third eye, you’ll see it open, and will be embraced by a feeling of warmth and love as you’re reconnected with a forgotten part of your being.

STEP 2 Notice any Pictures that Enter Your Mind

You’ll experience clairvoyant messages in several ways, some within your mind’s out, and some outside your mind’s eye. These images will either be a picture, or moving like a movie. They can be vivid in color, or dull in black and white, and sometimes may appear as abstract objects like a cartoon or a painting.

STEP 3 Ask Deliberate and Specific Questions

Now that you’re beginning to receive images with an exposed and developing third eye, you need to practice using these images to answer questions. When it comes to asking questions, you’ll need to be very precise and deliberate.

Word your questions very carefully so that they meet your true needs, and inform yourself about your “bottom line” honest desires. As an example, you might ask yourself “What do you see happening for me at work in the next six months?” Instead, ask specific questions that allow you to focus, for example, “Will I be changing positions in the next six months?” The less vague you are, the more powerfully you’ll be able to use—and most importantly, develop—your psychic, clairvoyant ability.

STEP 4 Interpret and Clarify

At this point, you may be used to many incoming images. The next step is to truly understand the meaning behind such images and how you can put them to positive use. When faced with a clairvoyant message, focus your attention on the meaning behind it. Ask yourself why you’re seeing this image and be open to the answer whether through a thought, sound, or feeling. If the answer remains unclear, continue to repeat “What does this image mean?” until it is delivered to you in another way. Interpretation and clarity are key once the message is received. When you learn what the meaning is behind the messages, you can then understand how to change your direction in order to lead to a positive outcome.

STEP 5 Trust Your Instinct

While we’re listing this as step 5, this may be the most important part of these practices: trusting your instinct. What is psychic ability, or clairvoyance, if not a heightened intuitive capability? We’re all born with intuitive powers, and in order to enhance your own clairvoyance, you’ll need to get in touch with your deep gut instinct. We’ve all felt it before, and it’s an inkling that comes into play so many times that we may push aside. Stop pushing it aside. It’s a part of your nature and human evolution to have this gift. Now take full advantage of this magnificent gift within you!

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