Congratulations to Our #KeenJourney Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Our #KeenJourney Contest Winners!

We’re so thankful to be part of such a beautiful community of members and advisors. We’re reminded every day of just how much the relationships that are built on Keen make such an incredible difference in peoples’ lives. We are all on a journey towards the betterment of our lives, relationships, families, and careers (and so much more), and the added support of a Keen advisor is second to none.

To each and every one of our members who shared their personal story with us in our Keen Journey contest on Facebook, THANK YOU! We are truly touched and feel proud to provide a service that brings comfort, insights, joy, companionship, and love to so many.

It was incredibly difficult to narrow down the winners — we love all your stories! — but with much debate, we have selected our top 6‪ #‎KeenJourney‬‬ stories. Without further ado, here are your winners:

1st Place: Janine S. – $200 Visa Gift Card

“I’ve made the most amazing connections on Keen. To be able to see through life’s muddy messes in all aspects of what life throws my way is such a peace of mind and saving grace of my sanity! Whether it’s been family, love or finances, I have been given positive direction and often told when I need to shape up and do my part, or just sit in patience until it all plays out in its time. And let me tell you, patience is definitely a lesson I’m constantly learning.”

2nd Place: Wendy F. – $100 Visa Gift Card

“I am more confident and in a better place because of the wonderful advisors on Exactly 3 years ago, my husband left me after 25 years of being married. I was lost and had horrible panic attacks because I did not see it coming. I decided to give Keen a try and am so thankful I made that first call. I found incredible advisors and especially want to thank Claudia Starcats who listened and advised me through all my tears and doubts that I would find my happiness. I am now in a healthy new relationship which was predicted. Thank you Keen.”

3rd: Sabrina M. – $50 Visa Gift Card

“I’ve been using for years now and meet so many wonderful advisors, if it wasn’t for the insight from some of Keen’s trusted advisors, I would have stayed in dead end situations. Just recently, I placed a call asking about something and that prediction just came to pass, it saved me from heartache and pain, THANK YOU for your amazing advisors and staff. May I continue many years with seeking professional advice on important life matters.”

4th: Samantha W. – $50 Visa Gift Card

“Keen has been a very positive experience over the last year. I have met my best friend/ advisor/ confidant on Keen and she has helped me to the moon and back. She has given me so much more confidence about life, and myself. She is always accurate and detailed, and she’s given me clarity in some of the best and worst times. She is my cheerleader, and I know that I can trust her 100% with my life, and I have. She has also helped me overcome very traumatic events, and helped me get closure. I’m blessed and grateful for my advisor. Thank you, Keen!”

5th: Valerie S. – $50 Visa Gift Card

“I am so thankful for the people I have met on Keen. I have been a customer for over 7 years now. I really enjoy my ‘favorites.’ They are truly so supportive and insightful. I have been guided to some of the most amazing areas of my life. I truly do not think without their support I would have recognized a lot of things that I really should have and would have probably suffered from a lot of unnecessary delays and could have missed out on some of the greatness. Thank you Keen.”

6th: Sherlynn C. – $50 Visa Gift Card

“Without Keen and the service of one VERY SPECIAL advisor, I NEVER would have been able to continue following my heart to stay connected to my sweetheart. I found him over 6 years ago and we’ve been on a tortuous path of connect and disconnect because of his life circumstances, not our heart’s desire. If I had not listened to my own voice/heart and sought the help from Keen (whose advice from everyone I talked to told me to stay put!), I would not be where I am today… completely connected with him and looking forward to the REST of our lives together! Keen TRULY made a difference for me in my darkest hours and the advisors all felt like really good friends that I could trust. How do you say THANK YOU to that? PRICELESS!!!”


Congratulations to you all and thank you again to everyone for participating! Stay tuned for our next contest! 

As always, thank you for being a part of the Keen community. 

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