Introducing Keen’s Beautiful New Category Pages

As the leader in online psychic and intuitive advice for nearing two decades, Keen has grown into a hub for on-demand guidance through the phone or chat. Whether you’re on a desktop computer at your home or any mobile device on-the-go, Keen allows you to connect to your favorite advisors wherever and whenever you need. 

In response to a growing demand for mobile-friendly products, Keen recently released a completely re-designed Category page. In addition to a new design, the pages are now responsive, making them mobile friendly and easier than ever to use whenever, wherever, and on any device. 

The new Category page design includes:

New call and chat buttons

Larger Keen advisor photos

Both ‘Call’ and ‘Chat’ buttons in one view 

New presentation of filters 

Prominent display of rating points, number of reviews, and advisor since

Ability to add advisors to your favorites directly from category search pages


New Category Landing Page

The future of Keen will see similar upgrades to various pages, including the home page, all using responsive design making it easier than ever to access Keen and connect with your advisor however you need. 

How are you liking the new pages? Comment below and let us know!

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