Our #KeenOnTheRoad Journey Begins!


We’re excited to announce the kick off of our three-month long #KeenOnTheRoad Contest! Beginning now and through the end of the summer, we’ll be posting fun questions or photo challenges every week — and giving $50 Keen Dollars to a new winner every Monday!

In the spirit and celebration of movement and growth, #KeenOnTheRoad will celebrate our aspirations to constantly reach for the stars as we travel through life’s glorious– sometimes unexpectedly windy– roads. 

Follow our Facebook page and new posts every week to check out the challenge to participate.  

How to Enter:

To enter the contest, just post your story on Keen’s Facebook page!

Comment on our most recent post asking a specific question, or giving a photo or video challenge! 

•One new person will win $50 Keen Dollars every week! It’s that simple. 

Make sure you follow our page so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to win. Good luck, everyone! As always, thank you for being a member of Keen! 

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