Red aura has long been the color of passion, a symbolic association that spans cultures and continents. Red is known as the most physical of auras, and reds intrinsically value physicality, whether through sports, exercise, or passionate, intimate relationships. Reds possess an almost primal nature, responding best to things they can touch, see, and hear. In everything they do, they give their all.

But just as passion can be felt and fueled in different ways, red auras can mean very different things. Fully understanding your red aura will allow you to focus the energy you are blessed with toward your true goals in life and ultimately give yourself purpose.


What Does Red Mean, Spiritually?

To thoroughly understand the meaning of your own red aura, it’s important to understand the spiritual significance of the color and its many shades. Auras aren’t the only spiritual forms that “come” in different colors. Each color of the rainbow also corresponds to a different chakra, and red is the color of the first chakra. Auras reflect our most fundamental physical and spiritual state, so a red aura is a sign that this chakra is dominant.


Also known as the base chakra, the red chakra is connected to the coccyx, the last bone in your spinal cord. The red chakra is connected to emotional and physical strength, which can manifest in many different ways. So, how does it manifest in your life? That depends on the shade.


What Shade of Red is Your Aura?

Red energy emanates from a place of passion and ego, but that passion can manifest as love or hate, and that ego may be healthy or hubristic. As a general rule, red means you’re deeply connected to your physical reality and you live in the moment, feeling your emotions intensely and developing a strong sense of self. But your energy may be negative or positive, so you want to know where you fall on the spectrum. If you’re unsure, a psychic advisor on Keen can also help you uncover the color and shade of your aura.   


Murky Red Auras

Murkiness or muddiness refers to the amount of gray, dark hues within an aura. If your aura falls on the darker side of the color spectrum, your overall condition is more negative than positive, which could mean anything from pent-up anger to actual trauma. Muddied, murky red auras are repellant, but darker red auras are more negative than lighter shades. For example, deep, muddy red is associated with violence and anger, while dark, muddy pink is associated with anxiety or dishonesty.


Bright Red Auras

If your aura is a brighter, more pastel shade, it reflects a lighter, more positive energy. Clear red is associated with sensuality and compassion, for example, while orange-red has more hints of creativity and confidence. If your positive energy is pink, the physicality may not be as strong, but you may be more tender, affectionate, sensitive, and intuitive.


Personality Traits for Red Auras

The raw strength exhibited by reds means that what you see is what you get. They beam with courage and their ambitions often propel them to great success in the workplace. Due to a lack of dependence on others, reds naturally excel as leaders as well as alone. The red aura is one of clear dominance that can be highly rewarding when directed properly.


As anything a red puts his or her mind to commands overwhelming focus, there is a risk of trouble when a failure to balance priorities exists. Since reds do nothing halfway, spurts of anger can be a significant problem as tempers rise and rage hotter than others. Those who exhibit a red aura should be wary of entertaining thoughts of vengeance or jealousy as it may prove difficult to prevent the desire for negative actions.


Love and Relationships for Red Auras

Passion, love, and sex are the areas where reds truly excel. Their adventurous personality combined with an intense need for physicality can push intimacy and exploration to new heights. Lust and desire are powerful driving factors, and a red’s partner will often find their mate’s passion never cools. With the all-consuming drive, those with red auras should enter new intimate relationships at a slow pace as it can be hard to differentiate lust from love. Failure to confirm underlying desires can result in hurt feelings.


Friendships with reds, particularly best friendships, are powerful and near inseparable. Be aware of streaks of jealousy or envy and avoid letting things simmer till breaking point. Red aura individuals thrive on giving and receiving direct communication, as such being forced to guess at feelings or notice subtle mood indicators can prove to be difficult. When ended suddenly, both intimate and non-intimate relationships can be crippling.

Life with a red aura is bound to be an exciting and rewarding experience if you possess the freedom to enjoy it. Finding balance can be hard as life pulls you from one adventure to the next but it is a good skill to master. While a red’s dominating, sure-of-self personality can be overwhelming for some, it complements others and does not need to be a negative. Keep focus on those important to you, and life will never cease being an adventure.


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