Stargazers Prepare… Leonid Meteor Shower 2014

lenoid.jpgStargazers, prepare for a magnificent showcase in the sky—the Leonid Meteor Shower will be here tonight.  As forecasts suggest, those in the eastern United States will see the meteor shower peak on Monday. The brilliant display of lunar proportions will best be seen between midnight and dawn on Monday and Tuesday morning.

The meteor shower will be on a smaller scale this year, however, as the Leonids will be weak. If you’re planning to camp out in your backyard with your sleeping bags and galoshes, expect to go some periods without seeing any streaks. However, the shower should produce between 10-15 meteors per hour for those watching the skies. Still a pretty healthy display of flashing lights.

For those planning to view Leonids Meteor Shower, it is suggested to find a viewing location away from city lights. You can also view the shower online via NASA’s website.


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