New Moon on the Rise

newmoon111914.jpg Can you feel it? There’s a New Moon on the rise today.  New Moons are a symbolic portal for new beginnings. Has there been a pressing issue you haven’t been able to fully tackle yet? Today is a great time to fully set your intentions: is there something you’d like to create? Do you have an idea that you haven’t completely developed yet? What is it that you’ve been meaning to cultivate? What will you manifest today?

Remember to keep yourself open and committed to your vision. Keep your mind, heart, and soul open to receiving guidance, healing, and support from everything around you. Aside from any special rituals or lighting candles, there are many ways to initiate this communion with the Universe. For extra guidance, you can reach out to a trusted advisor on KEEN  who can help you become fully in tune with the planetary energies at work. 

The moon will be directly between the Sun and the Earth at 14:13 UTC; it will not be visible from the Earth. There won’t be any moonlight interfering with the sky, so this is a wonderful time to observe faint objects like star clusters and galaxies.
Embrace this New Moon—and feel the connection to the power of the divine.

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