Mastering Emotions – Overcoming Jealousy (Part II)

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Much of the time, we find ourselves struggling with jealousy amid relationship conflict. And while these feelings are relatively normal, the problem with jealousy is that the bitterness and insecurity can begin to take over our wellbeing. It’s important that you act to overcome these feelings as soon as possible, before they start to spiral out of control. Following this guide, you can finally begin to free yourself from negative thinking and jealous feelings. 

The eight tips below will break down how to piece by piece begin addressing the underlying causes of jealousy, and mastering your emotions head-on.

1. Strengthen your self-confidence. Building your self-confidence, knowing about your points of strength and knowing for certain that you are worthy can be enough to eliminate any feelings of jealousy.

2. Process the negative emotions. In order to truly control your emotions of jealousy, they need to be recognized, acknowledged, and then processed. It’s in your power to face them head on, contemplate the source of your emotions, and deal with them. Keeping them bottled up is doing yourself the biggest disservice.

3. Begin journaling your emotions. We know, it probably sounds very cliché, but writing out what you’re feeling in a journal is an excellent way to focus on being introspective and solving your problems. Not just with jealousy, but every negative emotion. By regularly maintaining a journal with your thoughts and feelings, you’ve got the advantage of looking back at your words once you’ve calmed down, and being able to reflect on what got you to a place of peace.

4. Boost your self-image. Addressing your mental self-image will have a great impact on your self-confidence and will make a huge impact in reducing those feelings of jealousy. This can be done with some effort, like investing in a healthier lifestyle, working out at least 10-20 minutes a day, or telling yourself a positive affirmation in the mirror every morning.

5. Face insecurity head-on. If you experience jealousy in relationships, then building your self-confidence and fixing your self-image are bound to remove any feelings of insecurity you might be feeling. Facing your insecurities means going to battle with overly critical thinking. If you’re indulging in self-hating thoughts, it’s time to interrupt these behaviors and unleash the positive you.

6. Conquer your fears. Whatever the kind of fear you’re experiencing, facing your fears will help you in your journey for getting over jealousy; whether it’s a fear of abandonment or fear of rejection; dealing with your fears is one basic step that helps in dealing with jealousy.

7. Control your anger. One direct result of jealousy is anger. Not only does anger cause us to feel distressed and frustrated, but it also negatively impacts your relations with others. On your journey to overcome jealousy, knowing how to manage and minimize your anger will play a big part in allowing you to eliminate negative emotions.

8. Uproot the cause and tackle the problems with help from a psychic advisor.

Working with a psychic advisor can help you explore where these feelings of insecurity, fear, or a lack of self-confidence originally come from. When you know the true source of your negative emotions, you can work to overcome them.

In the end, when you’re in control of your emotions, you can be free to live a positive, happier life. 

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