Enter Our #KEEN #SeasonOfGratitude Contest and Win $500!


The Season of Gratitude is upon us! With so much to be grateful for, it’s important to bring some focus to people who make a positive impact in our lives every day. 

We want to hear your stories of gratitude for your favorite KEEN Advisor (or advisors!). Did a certain advisor on help you through a particularly challenging period in your life? Did your conversations with your KEEN Advisor help you achieve some personal goals, or find greater meaning in your life? 

We want to hear these stories and more!

To enter, share your video on YouTube using the hashtags #SeasonOfGratitude and #KEEN in the title and tell us about an advisor on KEEN that you’re thankful for and why, and you can win a prize for you AND your advisor!!! Make sure to share the link with us in the comments section!

The deadline to enter is Tuesday, December 29th at 11:59PM. Winners will be announced the first week of January 2016. 


1st Place — $500 for customer and $500 for advisor

2nd Place — $250 for customer and $250 for advisor

3rd Place — $100 for customer and $100 for advisor

Contest Rules: 

To enter, upload a video to YouTube using the hashtags #KEEN and #SeasonOfGratitude in the title. 

Please post original videos only. Non-original videos will not be eligible to enter the contest. You can also join the conversation by posting your story on KEEN’s Facebook wall or by Tweeting @KEENPsychics using the hashtag, #SeasonOfGratitude. (Note: Written testimonials will not count as valid entries.) 

After the entry period closes, KEEN’s Community Team will select the top 3 finalists based on emotional appeal, creativity, and popularity on social media (so Likes and comments count!). 

By submitting an entry, you agree to the Official Contest Rules

Good luck, have fun, and Happy Season of Gratitude!

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