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Taurid Meteors Dazzle with Celestial Fireworks

meteorshower.jpgAre you KEEN to the stars? Then make sure to look to the skies tonight.  The South Taurid meteor shower will peak this week, specifically Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The South Taurids meteor shower is distinguished by enduring blazes of meteors soaring across the atmosphere. However, our big, bright moon may drown out a majority of the flying shooting stars tonight. If you decide to sit down for a viewing anyway, you may find yourself gasping as a few blazing fireballs! (If it were a moonless night, you could catch 5-10 South Taurid meteors per hour.) Either way, it’s a perfect push to take a moment to relax under the vast skies and embrace the moment.

On the mornings of the 5th and 6th, the North Taurids shower will complement the upcoming meteor shower by adding some more meteors to the mix. The North Taurid shower will be in effect on the night of November 11th and the 12th, where the forecast calls for the most meteors (and less moonlight, which means more visibility for the stellar show!).


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