Top 7 Things Women Really Want in a Man


Knowing what women look for will go a long way in helping impact how you approach them, when you start a conversation with them, and when you try to build a relationship with them.  Struggling to navigate the female ‘wish list’ when it comes to looking for a man? As always, we’re here to help. We’ve broken down the top 7 things women look for in a man.

7. Independence 

One of the most powerful traits in any person is that of an independent spirit. Women love a man that doesn’t need the approval of others, who has goals and is working hard to accomplish them, undeterred by what others say. 

6. Positivity

Everyone is drawn to positivity, and it’s no surprise that women seek this in a partner. Positivity means focusing on the good in all things in life. With that kind of attitude, challenges are faced with more strength, clarity, and perseverance… and that translates to a happier, healthier relationship for you both.  

5. Drive 

A man can be sweet, funny, and smart, but if he lacks ambition and drive, a relationship can easily reach its breaking point. Drive separates the men from the boys. Women love men that are goal-oriented and reaching to create something bigger than themselves. Whether it’s through a desire to learn or create, drive is what really sets us on fire!

4. Passion

A man with passion means he’s self-assured and has certainty in the things he feels and says. With passion comes clarity on values and goals. They are able to express themselves without holding things back, because they truly believe in issues that are important to them.  

3. Thoughtfulness

A thoughtful man means one who treats others with dignity, respect, and honor. Thoughtful men are gracious, generous, and fair, and considerate. Even if they don’t necessarily like someone, being thoughtful means they treat everyone in a way they want to be treated, because that’s the mature and dignified way to live.  

2. Kindness

Someone who is kind to others demonstrates a heart of compassion. Kindness and compassion mean the capability to connect on a deeper level in a relationship, too, as they allow people to communicate better with others, which is a huge plus in any relationship. 

1. Confidence

It’s absolutely 100% clear that women LOVE confident men. A confident man isn’t just assertive in public and gives off an aura of power and control; a confident man knows who he is. He is proud of himself and secure in his manhood. When he’s in a relationship, he doesn’t get jealous or threatened by other men. He’s curious about others and enjoys listening and learning about people and the world around him. Confidence is sexy, and it’s what women REALLY want!

Need more help navigating this list and applying it to your own search for love? Talk to a trusted KEEN Psychic Advisor  and find the love you want and deserve!   

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