Top 7 Things Men Really Want in a Woman


If you quickly asked any man what he looks for in a woman, the short and immediate answer you’re likely to hear is “attractiveness.” Yeah, yeah, we get it. Who doesn’t want their partner to be attractive? If you dig deeper though, you’ll learn that when it comes down to deciding who they want to take the next step with on a deeper level, there are certain traits that will make any man take a closer look. 

We recently broke down the Top 7 Things Women Want in a Man and are providing the same guidance for the ladies. Wondering what men really want in a woman? Take a look.  

7. Light-heartedness 

Men love women who are down-to-earth. When a man finds a woman like that, he gets to connect with her on a deeper level. Light-hearted women tend to be more playful, meaning they’re down to do things like play sports together, add some teasing and sarcasm here and there, and just have some more adventure in their hearts. Men are active and love to play, so a light-hearted women easily ramps up the attraction. Men don’t fall in love with what you say to them, they fall in love with the experiences you create with them. 

6. Thoughtfulness

The man looking for a real connection woman understands the importance of kindness, and is most likely a nice person himself. A thoughtful woman makes conscious decisions in regards to the things she does for herself or for others. She’s considerate and pays attention to what is going on around her. She’ll even go out of her way to do nice things for him, even when she doesn’t have to. 

5. Independence 

A real man wants a woman who inspires him with her own drive and motivation. She has great things going on in her own life, and she doesn’t need someone to give her the life she wants because she’s shaping it herself. A woman who has her own purpose is a huge turn on. A great guy isn’t intimidated by independence and success. What matters to a man is that a woman still has space in her life for a great relationship and is grounded and present when she’s with him.

4. Intelligence

Many women may find this hard to believe, but recent research suggests that men increasingly value intellect and character in a partner over a just a pretty face and shapely figure. An intelligent woman has a thirst for knowledge and opinions of her own—which is extremely attractive to a strong man. She can be critical and wise, all the while, enriching his own environment and thinking. Basically, a smart girl is a keeper. 

3. Giving

Women are so often drilled with the idea that a man has to take care of them, that it’s not often you find one willing to give as much as she gets. When a man finds a woman who is just as giving as he is, he’s locked in. This trait can be so rare that most men don’t believe it exists. A woman who is giving to her man focuses her attention not on how he can please her, what he can do for her, and how he can make her happy, but how she can make sure he’s happy, content, and taken care of as well. 

2. Emotional Maturity

It’s incredibly rare to find a relationship where two people don’t at some point reach a misunderstanding or disagreement. So, when that happens, communication and understanding is key. Emotional maturity in a woman is the major trait that men find attractive in a woman: someone who is able to not just express her own feelings in an honest and authentic way, but to listen and take into consideration his as well. If she can’t control her emotions or listen to his, this is a red flag to him. So, how a woman is able to deal with her emotions is so important to a man who is considering whether or not to get serious with a woman.

1. Appreciation

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from men is that they often feel criticized in relationships, as if there’s nothing they can do to please their partner. Basically, men in long-term relationships will often feel like they’re grinding away to make their partners happy without the same sentiment in return. Feeling unappreciated has negative consequences on a couple’s relationship and sex life. When a man finds a woman who demonstrates how she cares and appreciates him as much as he does her, he’s set for life. 

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