The Truth about Destiny and Free Will

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One of the biggest lies sold to us is that we’re held at ransom by a greater force. Is there such thing as destiny? It’s a question that has existed since the dawn of our consciousness. Whether you call it destiny, karma, or fate, every day, people find themselves at a loss when it comes to making difficult decisions because they think the outcome is set in stone. 

It isn’t. 

The biggest problem with this concept of destiny is that it eliminates a very real, very powerful existence of your free will. Destiny can leave us feeling helpless and without hope. 

The power you hold over your life is very real. Your free will puts this power directly in your hands when it comes to decision-making. With free will, you set the outcome of your future through your attitude and choices rather than any other predestined power. Your free will leaves you the power to change your circumstances, and because of it, you learn and grow.  

If your fate were set in stone and everything in this world was predetermined, man would be reduced to a machine, only reacting and completely separated from the creative process.

So, how do fate and destiny come into play with psychic readings? You may be wondering how a psychic gives a reading into what your future may hold if they aren’t seeing your predestined future. So, what are they seeing? 

When intuitives and psychics make predictions, what they are providing you is the most likely outcome to on your path based on the current circumstances of your life, or what’s going on in the world around you. While predictions from trusted psychics (like those found on do come to pass very often, there is no guarantee that they will. Free will means that circumstances can always chance. No psychic can be accurate 100% of the time—and why would anyone want them to be? If you’re looking to change your life for the better, this means that your future is not set in stone, and you can make the life you desire a possibility. 

But just as your positive choices can influence your life in a meaningful and powerful way, you can also influence events in a negative way. When you call a psychic for advice, it’s wise to recognize where your negatively is bringing harm to areas in your life—or the life of others around you. For when you recognize the power of influence you have, you can also create a bright future not just for yourself, but the world around you, by thinking and practicing more peace, love, and gratitude.

Positive thought and positive thinking regularly is so much more powerful than its negative counterparts, so remember this! It only takes a minimal amount of positive thinking to affect changes for the better.

So go forth and manifest your ideal life! 

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