Cheating: The Ultimate Betrayal

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Upcoming KEEN Radio broadcast: Thursday, October 1st 7:00PM – 8:30PM PDT

Infidelity is one of the most heartbreaking of betrayals. It has a way of sneaking up on you and kicking the stool out from under you. It leaves you disoriented and scarred and you wander around wondering, “Why?”  

Two emotions come into play when cheating occurs. The first is heartbreak. The second anger.  It not only changes how you feel and view the other person but also yourself.  And, we always blame. We blame him/her. We blame the person they cheated with. Or, we blame ourselves. “I’m not good enough…He’s a dog…She’s a backstabber”.  The list is endless.

At, we have not only heard every scenario known to man, but have walked thousands through this dark hallway and led them out of the fog. We can tell you what is real and what isn’t and also give sage advice on how to proceed. Not all relationships end after infidelity, but they do change and isn’t it better to be informed rather than fumble your way through the healing?

Thursday, October 1st from 7:00PM – 8:30PM PDT, KEEN Advisors MsLisaM and Laura Brown, along with this weeks featured advisor from KEEN, Jane Wilcox, will be discussing why men and women step outside of the relationship, the pain and change that takes place afterward, and how to heal the self and/or the relationship so you can get to a better place.

Call in with your infidelity questions (657) 383-1952, or email us at [email protected], or even tweet us @KeenPsychics. All questions will be reviewed and passed along to our hosts who will answer them for you live on air.

Why suffer or prolong the pain any longer? KEEN has the answers you seek.

Join us at 7:00PM PDT on October 1st to listen to the episode live!

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