by Astro Wing

Love is essential to each one of us as we navigate our way in life. Whether it is romantic love, family love or true friendship, we all need the interaction and caring that others bring to our days.

One of the questions I often receive is, “Will I meet my true love, and when?”  The answer to this involves my clairvoyance but your actions and attitudes in the process of seeking love are most important.  Love can be complicated by many factors.  The following five guidelines offer a fresh perspective and will help you find your love:

1. Magnetism- Make a List

Often one hears the phrase “don’t seek love because the perfect love is seeking you.” To a large extent this is true because magnetism is constantly at work in your life in all things. Like attracts like.  It’s important to realize that you can make the physics of energy work for you. The vibrations you send to the universe each second through your thoughts and choices act as invisible magnets connecting like energies.  Be very aware of this dynamic while you enjoy the activities of your daily life.

Make a list of your relationship goals as well as the characteristics you are looking for in your special other.  Always be positive.  This list tells the universe who you are seeking.  Keep this visible and at hand, referring to it when a potential love interest comes into your life.  Does this individual check the boxes?  Some boxes may mean more to you than others, so decide whether this person fits both your ideals and your realistic view of love.  Pay attention to what boxes matter most.  Remember, you are the prize.

2. Intention- Align Action with Goals

The universe responds to your intent and it determines that intent by your actions.  For example, if you want a long term relationship then it is best not to spend time in a romance with someone who is unavailable.  By doing so, you send a clear message to the universe that you are fine with a relationship that doesn’t match your goals or check your boxes. What does this create? Confusion. Then you receive more of the same. Wanting one thing and choosing another creates a fog of energy. This lack of clear intention causes problems in matters of the heart.  Remember: be consistent and clear. Otherwise, you may unintentionally get what you ask for.

Intention + Action = Magic

Aligning your thoughts and actions with your goals may mean spending some time alone until the universe readjusts and understands your new message.  By staying consistent and clear you will find yourself meeting people who check your boxes.  That’s when the magic happens.  

3. Trust your Inner Voice- It Knows the Way

When you meet a new romantic interest, take the time to really get to know him or her with eyes wide open. Practice active patience. In the crush phase of new love it can be hard to see another person objectively.  Chemistry, physical attraction, and the rush of a new romance can blind us. Give new love a time frame to settle as you get to really know the other person. 

Pace yourself.  Then ask yourself: does he or she add value to my life and treat me with love and respect?  How do I really feel when we spend time together and apart?  Do I trust him or her?  Listen to what friends and family say and evaluate.  Most importantly, listen to your inner voice. It is easy to ignore our instincts in favor of keeping romance alive. In the long run, this tends to backfire.

4. Be Patient- but Don’t Linger 

As you learn more about each other, keep in mind the cardinal rule. Never try to change another person. When you feel and see things that concern you about a specific love connection, decide on a time frame and see how the situation develops. A person may appear to check your boxes at first and then start to act in a way inconsistent with your goals.  

Staying in a relationship with the idea that a person will change interferes with meeting your true love.  When significant issues arise early on in a romance, don’t linger.  Move on with the confidence that your true love is seeking you. Know that love meant for you will come to you even when you walkaway from a situation that no longer serves your highest good. When we do what is hardest for us to do, we receive the greatest of blessings. Such action also adds the power of self-love, a much needed energy that enhances all love connections.

5. Relationships are Mirrors- Self Reflect

I often speak with people who have an inner fear of the vulnerability that deep love connections require or a deep-seated need for freedom.  Frequently they don’t understand why their relationships fail to last or reach the level of permanence they seek.  If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to work on your inner self and get in touch with who you are and what you truly want. 

Take steps to let go of fear or other blocks that are at work.  It is also important to consider whether other people have expectations affecting your choices.  They may want something for you that conflicts with what you want deep down.  Self reflection is important when a pattern emerges. 

When we repeatedly attract the same type of person and experience disappointment and hurt feelings, that is a pattern.  The universe is asking you to look in the mirror.  The common denominator is you.  Look within to identify what you really want from love and find the disconnect. Meditation and keeping a journal can help you meet yourself along the way of love and choose what resonates best with your unique soul energy.  It can also help you let go of outdated patterns and built in fears. Healing your energies will bring a new type of love to your days. What matters is that you find your joy.

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”

Sam Keen

Every person has a love meant for him or her. It is my greatest wish for you that these guidelines will help you avoid the more common pitfalls in the way of love and manifest the love you seek.  Above all, follow your soul for it knows the way. Wishing you a springtime abloom with love!

About the Author:

ASTRO Wing, a professional clairvoyant and energy reader, understands the human spirit. She connects to the natural energies that inform us all, providing detailed insight into life’s hard questions about love, relationships, career, and destiny. Born psychic, ASTRO Wing acts as a lightning rod. She illuminates what is shrouded in the darkness of the unknown, empowering you to create your joy!

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