Attracting Love Through Affirmations

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by Keen Psychic Advisor: Triple Moon Goddess

There is a way to attract a relationship partner who will always be at your side in a loving, healthy, and happy way. Many times, clients ask how to attract better partners into their lives. There is a way! It takes time and focus, but it works like magic. The secret? Self-love!

When we value ourselves in a healthy way, we do not allow people into our lives who are the users and abusers of the world. We love ourselves enough that, when people are not what we need to be in a healthy relationship, we have the courage and strength to let them go, to move on to a true partner. There are people who struggle with this, think that they are not good enough for a good person, we all deserve a partner who will love us and make us their only partner.

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If self-love isn’t already a part of your being, fear not! There are several ways to achieve this. One method that’s easy and doesn’t cost a cent: affirmations! Affirmations work best when repeated several times a day. Affirmations reprogram not only your way of thinking, but your energy. We attract what we expect, so we need to expect the best! Affirmations will help you accomplish this easily and quickly.

Here is a great affirmation I have written to help with self-love: “I am receiving the love and assistance of the Universe now and every day to help me truly appreciate my worth, my beauty both inside and out, and my value as a part of the Universe. I am a bright and shining star and promise the Universe that I will love myself unconditionally.” Repeat your affirmation several times a day and watch the magic happen!

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Concentrate on the words as you say them, OWN them, and you will soon see that the changes they make in your life are amazing! This affirmation for self-love will make us be that confident person who believes we can have, and draws in the best of the best. You won’t settle, you will find your Prince or Princess Charming, and have the love and confidence to find happiness and fulfillment in your relationship.


About the Author:

Triple Moon Goddess (Gina) has been psychic all of her life. At the age of ten, she had her first tarot deck. Gina then took and taught classes, became a certified Reiki Master, and honed her craft, with a PhD from IMM, she began reading professionally 38 years ago! Call/chat every day!

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