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Romance seekers often convey contradictory messages about relationships:

  • I want to be in a relationship but I don’t want to get hurt.
  • I want to be with someone but relationships are such a headache and
    too much drama.
  • I want a partner but my dates are not suitable relationship material.

If you can relate to these statements, you may still be wondering why you are still single. Making statements about not wanting to get hurt, that relationships are tough and that good partners are hard to find, block our way towards serious partnership.

When you declare that you do not want to get hurt, the universe and your subconscious mind will listen to you and protect you from getting hurt by keeping you single. Being single is safe! When a person says that they do not want to get hurt, they are saying that they want a great relationship with a guarantee. However, even the best relationships will consist of hurt and disappointment. Your partner will not be humanly capable of saying and doing the “right” thing all of the time. There will also be moments when you will be a source of vexation for your partner. The goal is to work through the hurts, overcome disappointments and move forward.

“Headaches” and “drama” often mean the work that one has to put into a relationship for it to last. The message you are communicating is that you want what is easy. If one truly wants to be part of a romantic partnership, efforts to please each other and to get along are necessary. A relationship is something you build together. If you want to fall in love you must be willing to be vulnerable and take risks. By continuing to date individuals who are not acceptable for a meaningful relationship, you avoid risking any hurt or hassles that might come up with a real love prospect. You have to take risks in order to get what you want in life. Successful couples are happy because they took risks, let go and surrendered to the process of creating a relationship.

How To Succeed in Relationships

  1. Accept that you will get hurt or be disappointed. This does not mean that your partner doesn’t love you. It means that your partner is human. Humans are imperfect.

  2. Forgive and let go of past relationships. You will then be able to attract a partner who has also moved on from his or her own past relationships. You will both be free to establish a loving bond.

  3. Do not be jealous. Do not accuse your partner of cheating unless you know it to be true. Accusing your partner of cheating is saying that you lack trust in him or her. Trust is a must for a relationship to work. Make sure that you leave any past betrayals in the past or they will become your future.

  4. Go slow and get to know your partner. Going fast creates a false sense of security. The budding relationship can quickly be destroyed once one negative little issue arises. Fairy tale romances don’t last.

  5. Be clear on how you feel about relationships. Do not give the universe mixed messages. It will cause confusion and the universe will oblige by keeping you single. It is also likely that you are still single because some issue in your subconscious is not resolved. The Law of Attraction will only bring unavailable men until your subconscious makes you available.

Our spirit will always bring in people to match some part of us energetically. Make sure you are transmitting the energy that you want returned to you.

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