The History of Valentine’s Day

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by Ciro Circe  

Our current Valentine’s Day has been around a long time and started out as a fertility festival called Lupercalia. The festival of Lupercalia happened in mid-February for the Roman God of agriculture and later fertility.

The name Valentine didn’t occur until Saint Valentine sent the first note signed, “From Your Valentine.” Valentine was originally arrested for helping soldiers get married, which was frowned upon at that time, because it was thought that single soldiers would fight harder and take more risk. As time passed, Chaucer and Shakespeare wrote and praised the idea of eternal love. Early priests continued to have ceremonies for early spring fertility.

By the 17th century, the day became known as St. Valentine’s Day in many counties around the world.  It became customary to send a love note to one another on this day. Today we celebrate this day of love with flowers, red wine, chocolate and a card. The holiday has been commercialized so successfully, creating a 19 billion dollar plus industry.

Industry marketing puts pressure on us to test love, to see how your loved one responds on this special day. To the many who have never found love and have been left wondering what is wrong with them, it can be a difficult day. Actually, the perfect day to call your psychic.

Having said that, it is of course wonderful to be remembered and equally distressing if you are not.  As far as pressure on your loved one to show they love you, this is not a bad thing. If we all made love more important it would be a better world.

Religious text says, “Perfect love casts out fear.” Love is a powerful force much more so than hate or jealousy.  So Happy Valentine’s Day and if you have doubts, questions it is the perfect week to call your psychic.


About the Author:

Ciro Circe was born with a gift of seeing the future and into situations. She is a natural psychic intuitive with years of repeat clients. She uses tarot cards combined with psychic insight for readings. Ciro Circe has a business background and has clients from every experience and all walks of life.

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