How Pyschic Advisor Mistyck Defines Self-Love

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by Psychic Advisor Mistyck

Self-love to me is simply giving one’s own self just as much compassion, forgiveness, and care that we give to others. Loving ourselves first and foremost doesn’t mean we become mean or selfish. It is actually just the opposite—it allows us to love others in more healthy ways.

To be an emotionally balanced person, we must take care of our own physical and mental well being before we shower our love onto another person. An example of self-love is found every moment of every day somewhere in the skies over our planet, as some flight attendant on some commercial airline instructs the passengers to put their own oxygen mask first before attempting to help someone else put theirs on in case of an emergency.

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The reason for this is very simple: If you cannot breathe and aren’t alive, how are you going to save anyone else? Without your own oxygen mask on, you could die as you are attempting to help your child or fellow passenger with their mask and they would too, since you perished before you could finish the job.

Over the past five years, as an advisor on Keen I have helped many customers understand the importance of self-love. I tell my customers wishing to manifest self-love, that they have to make time for themselves. They cannot expend all their energy and love on any one person to the detriment of their own physical or emotional well-being. I usually explain this via the “oxygen mask” analogy.


About the Author:

Mistyck is a trained Shaman in the Native American traditions of the Caddo Nation. She also has over 35 years of experience with the Nordic Rune Stones and Pendulum. Her psychic abilities range from clairvoyance to remote viewing. She is a non-judgmental and compassionate reader who has been helping customers on since 2012.

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