What is Real Love?

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by Dr. Lisa Powerful Insights

Ultimately there is nothing but love in the Universe.  But, if that is true, why does there seem to be such a lack of love in the world?  And, why does it seem so hard to find someone to love us in the way we want to be loved? Here is one way I explain this predicament to people. Consider the example of water. As most of us know there is a lot of water on this planet. The ocean even covers most of the planet with water.  Yet, have you ever tried to drink ocean water? You can’t. It isn’t good for you.  It is too salty.  There is too much other stuff in the water for you to be able to drink it. Love can be like this.

When Love is Lacking

Love is everywhere. But, like ocean water, love too gets mixed in with things that make it not seem like love. What gets mixed in?  Fear, selfishness, and a lot of ignorance. That’s the salt that makes any so-called “loving relationship” hard to swallow. These three things (fear, selfishness, and ignorance) also show up as four things that people often think is love, but they are not. The four things are: codependency, addiction, lust, and abuse. These four things also are the main reasons most people believe that love has let them down. Love has not let you down, because love never can let you down. What has let you down? What has wounded you making you feel ill?  Simple. I Lack Love (I.L.L.).

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That’s right. Whenever you feel hurt, betrayed, heart-broken, love “sick”, frustrated, or even worse abused, it is not love that is doing this. It is the lack of love that is causing the difficulties. Unfortunately, too many people get this fact confused. And, because they are confused they go looking for salt water (or love that is mixed in with stuff that isn’t good for them), instead of fresh water that they can easily drink.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are also doing this. Most people are! One of the reasons they are is about 90% of what people call love, flat out isn’t. Just listen to most of our music. Or, watch most of our movies or television shows. What lessons are they teaching you about love? Better yet, what lessons could they be teaching you about love if they got the “salt water” (false notions about love) out?

What’s Not True About Love

To help you see what I am talking about here is a quick list of a few false things people are telling you about love.

1. Love hurts. No, it doesn’t. Again is the lack of love, care, time, attention, respect, thoughtfulness, or helping you get what you need that is hurting you. Check it out in your own life and you will see that this is true.

2. Love is a really difficult thing to find. No, it is not. Why most people think love is hard to find is because they don’t know what real love looks like. When you know what it looks like, it is not so hard to find it anymore.

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3. Love leaves you heartbroken. No, love heals your heart and makes it stronger. What breaks your heart is going after people who don’t know how to love you and then let you down. When you learn to spot these people right away, then your heart won’t get broken. If someone who doesn’t know how to love you comes after you, you will just ignore them and keep moving on.

4. Love makes you crazy. No, people who have crazy problems that they are not resolving in a healthy way, makes you crazy. Hoping these people will get healthy and fix their crazy problems, when time and again they prove that they won’t, makes you crazy. Thinking people with crazy problems will know how to love you, when it is clear that they don’t, makes you crazy. Getting realistic and insisting that people begin to love themselves enough to heal their issues stops the craziness. And, if they don’t do their part, then don’t be crazy yourself. Move on.

5. Love turns you into an obsessed person. No, loneliness turns you into an obsessed person. Abandonment issues turns you into an obsessed person. People who have lots of other people in their lives and are not afraid to get close to others, don’t get obsessed. Someone doesn’t want to be with you or refused to treat you right? You just go hang out with your family or friends.  and wait for the person who treats you the way you need to be treated, which is well.

Honestly, I could keep going with my list here. But, better yet, why not just give me a call? I am here for you and happy to help you find real love, once and for all.




About the Author:

Dr. Lisa is a top advisor syndicated on 600+ radio/TV shows. She is the author of Beyond the Secret (on law of attraction) and five more books. Dr. Lisa is accurate, honest, compassionate, and quick with her readings. She is a Ph.D. psychic/psychologist whose skills were tested in research programs to scientifically ascertain accuracy. Her psychic abilities are combined with five college degrees in human relationships and spirituality.

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