How to Call Upon the Romance Angels This Valentine’s Day

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by Keen Psychic Advisor: Adored Angel

Love is in the air this month, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s important to remind yourself: you are what you love, not what loves you. Instead of focusing on the receiving of love, take time to work on the love you are giving – especially to yourself. During this season of love, let self-love into your heart chakra. The Romance Angels, the Archangels associated with relationships, can assist you in opening your heart chakra, if you choose to call upon their help. Spend time alone with your Romance Angels to give you introspection on the patterns of your love life. Take responsibility for attracting and agreeing to every relationship in your life. Take the steps to heal your heart, find blessings and lessons you have gained from each and everyone who has been part of your life. As you heal your heart, and learn to love yourself, you will notice new healthy friendships and wonderful romances that will enter your life. Remember that a new you is emerging and expanding – embrace this new you, cultivate self-love!

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What does self-love look like in practice? The more you affirm (out loud or silently), “I am lovable,” “I am loving,” “I am loved,” “I am that I am,” or “I am”, the Romance Angels will embrace your heart with loving feelings. You will feel a rush of warm air and feel your heart expanding. Call upon your Romance Angels by this affirmative prayer. “I ask my Romance Angels for help, I believe and have faith that I have been heard.” The “How” is up to the Romance Angels, this is when you must step out of the way and allow the Romance Angels to do the work, then release and thank them for their angelic help. You can call upon the Romance Angels by having an Integrated Energy Therapy Angelic Session, with a Master Instructor like myself. Angelic IET energy releases suppressed pain of the past by integrating it with the joy of the present moment. Calling in Archangel Cassiel to release heartache and imprinting love and holding a rose quartz in your right hand and over your heart chakra.

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At your angelic self-love session, I will invoke and call in your Romance Angels to assist us. Visualize holding your hands remotely intertwined with mine, feeling the loving energy of the romance angels and heart linking to self-love. What is your intention? You can ask me questions as I shuffle and pull Romance Angel Cards, and work with my Romance Angel Pendulum.  Let us ask for clarity, what the situation or relationship is regarding self-love, possible blocks of self-love, angels guidance to heal self-love, and the possible outcome, based on your current circumstance. After our Angelic reading, I will invoke you and your Romance Angels with knowing that self-love has been manifested, healed and provided for with love and grounded abundant blessings.


About the Author:

Adored Angel (Desiree Szabo) is an angelic interpreter who sheds gentle light on life’s toughest problems. Her background as a psychic is formal training as a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy, and the Healing Angels of the Energy Field. She has been practicing her work since early childhood. Her specialty is helping you to see the light, through prayers, healings, cellular angelic energy and angel card readings.

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