I Want the Fairytale!

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Romantic tales about the “great love” have been around for centuries. We’re exposed to idealistic soulmate scenarios in books, movies and magazines all the time. We see things through the eyes of the media and think, “I want that!” and “I wish someone would feel that way about me.” It’s not just those beautiful love stories we hear about. It’s also the pressure from outside sources such as family members or seeing “everyone else” settling down that can make the singles out there wonder, “Why not me?”

The two most common questions heard during a psychic love reading are, “Am I just wasting my time?” and “Is my love interest worth it?” Psychic readers are rarely asked by their clients, “When will I meet the person that’s in my highest good?” The two most asked questions are easy to answer. If you have to ask, the answer is an unequivocal no. No, it’s not worth it if you have to do the following:

  • Beg for someone to be there for you
  • Wish that someone would call you and wait for weeks, months or years
  • Wonder when someone will break up with someone else
  • Put on a show to come off as someone’s “type”
  • Push for someone to pop “the question”
  • Do something radical to get the commitment you want

If you’re with someone who loves you for who you really are, they will be there, call you and commit without you having to do much at all. There won’t be the crazy drama from going back and forth in the relationship that causes unnecessary heartache and pain.

Great Expectations and the Fairytale

Here are a few different scenarios that fit the description of the “fairytale” and play havoc with our expectations:

  1. The Return of the Long-Lost LoveWhen we’re single it’s easy to go back in time and feel nostalgic over a long-lost love. We feel wistful about a person that we could have been with, but who got away. Holding on to someone from the past for an extended period of time does nothing but prevent one from living. Once you realize that holding on to the memory of a long-lost love isn’t doing you any good, your life will dramatically transform.
  2. A Back and Forth Love Will Ultimately Lead to Commitment / MarriageThe fantasy about finally attaining a commitment after repeatedly breaking up and getting back together is a popular scenario presented during readings. The partner is here, disappears and then shows up again. No one feels gratitude and happiness while in a back and forth relationship. Is it possible that one will ultimately get the commitment he or she wants? Sure. Is it probable? Nope. The reasons it is unlikely are because of the following:
    • You wouldn’t be going back and forth if the relationship were real and stable to begin with.
    • There wouldn’t be a back and forth if both parties truly accepted one another for whom they are.
    • One or both parties have unrealistic expectations and want the other to make all the changes.

    Giving a reading to a person in a back and forth relationship is challenging for a psychic reader. Even if there is a possibility of a long-term relationship in the end, there’s usually a lot of change and growth that needs to occur before anything good can come out of the situation. In these cases, many readers will tell the client what is seen, but will also advise the person to be realistic.

  3. The Instant “Connection” When Two People MeetThis is the dream one has that two people can meet and instantly know it is forever. Many longtime readers have never actually received information that this scenario is going to happen for a client. However, instant chemistry or infatuation does occur.

    The instant connection is an example of having great expectations. It is said that you don’t really know people until you’ve been with them for a year and a day – without any breaks. It could even take longer depending on the situation. How is it even possible for two people to know they’re with the right person the second they meet? Sure, we all have intuition, but wishful thinking and loneliness can drive one to believe something that can’t be proven. This particular fairytale is just that – a fairytale.

The nice thing about the media’s perception of love and relationships is that a great deal of hope is offered. We all need hope in our lives to proceed forward with our dreams and goals, but when does hope become a hindrance to achieving them? There is such a thing as false hope. You know you’re living in that situation when your partner does not voluntarily give you what you want in the relationship.

Seeking love based on “the fairytale” is like being someone you’re not and trying to live someone else’s life. Taking this route never produces positive results. Everyone deserves to be happy and can achieve that if they’re honest with themselves. Who are you? What type of relationship do you really want? If you’re clear about those two things and are not trying to fit into some idealistic mold or change another person, you’ll have a greater chance of ending up in a situation that will actually work and last.

Create a life that’s real and you’ll have a fairytale of your own to share.

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