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by Keen Psychic Advisor: Astro Wing

We’ve all heard the saying, “love at first sight.” I’ve never given this concept much thought, until it hit me between the eyes one day. We talked on the phone for months after several incredibly “non-random” coincidences and spiritual signs. Finally, we arranged to meet halfway between our two homes. The minute we met in person, he kissed me as though we had been together forever. No hesitation and no doubt.

For our first date, we went to a Japanese Hibachi grill restaurant and the couple next to us said, “We are so glad you’re at our table because we just got engaged and we can tell you’re so much in love.” They were picking up on the energies we were feeling and giving off to others. It was in short, amazing.

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So what clues can you look for to determine if a relationship is a fated and deep soul connection? Here are a few questions to answer that may help you decide. They are based on my years as a reader of relationships and experience in my own personal life. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you feel you just met someone your soul has known forever? As if you are once again meeting someone you have not seen for ages?

2. Do you feel a pull in your solar plexus when you think of or connect to the person’s energy?

3. Is the chemistry so strong you feel unable to pull away?

4. Do you have common threads (such as liking similar foods, odd habits, etc.)? Or do you have similar connections to or interest in certain times in history or places in the world?

5. Do you seem to have a certain telepathy when apart?

6. Do you have dreams involving this person that feel lucid or unusually like reality?

7. Does eye contact feel beyond the usual, like you’re feeling as though you are seeing into the person’s soul and transported into another time or space?

8. Does the other person look at you as though you are a vision of theirs? Are there times that you stare and think, “this cannot be happening” or, “is this real”?

9. Is sex magical with the feeling of merging your souls? This tie tends to bring a very strong physical attraction; but beyond that, a different intensity to sexual connection are literally combining your energies.

10. Do outside circumstances seem to distract from or challenge the connection? Sometimes this can manifest because of an age difference or physical distance.

11. Do you feel totally at home with each other, as though you’ve been together before?

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Many yearn for these connections to arrive. They are always life-altering and they carry lessons of love and life.

It is important to be ready for what you wish for because this connection can be challenging at many levels as well. For example, one of you may fear the intensity that this relationship brings to everyday life. Outside influences may also try to push the relationship off track. The challenges always connect to a meaningful learning experience for the soul. When both of you are open to learning the lesson and handling challenges that may arise, life will bring the greatest of all gifts, true and abiding love. This is what we all dream of.

When growth occurs according to the Universe’s plans, then the relationship can blossom and express all the beautiful love it carries within. Remember, whatever this relationship brings to your life is wonderful because it offers your soul the opportunity for true evolution; that in and of itself is a blessing!

Love and Light,

Astro Wing


About the Author:

ASTRO Wing, professional clairvoyant and energy reader, understands the human spirit. She connects to the natural energies that inform us all, providing detailed insight into life’s hard questions about love, relationships, career, and destiny. Born psychic, ASTRO Wing acts as a lightning rod. She illuminates what is shrouded in the darkness of the unknown, empowering you to create your joy!

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