Mastering the Soulmate Dance

Soulmate is a term we hear a lot, but what does it actually mean? Well, it depends on whom you ask. Some people seem to believe that out of billions of people on the planet, there’s only one – The one – who you’re meant to be with. I don’t subscribe to this idea. I do believe that we have what you might call a life plan, but I do not believe that plan to be unalterable. What good would it do to be here at all if we didn’t possess the power to change or alter our lives? There are options out there, folks. The one is the one with whom you end up

For now we’re just going to talk about romantic soulmates – there are other types, but we’ll leave that for a later discussion.

Relationships are like a dance. Some dances are just a couple of turns around the floor, and then you change partners. Others are longer and more complex. Sometimes you change partners and then change back to the former partner. In some way, shape or form, relationships are all “meant to be,” but they are not all meant to be forever.

All of the relationships we have go into our relationship experience bucket. Hopefully from these experiences we learn what we do want and, more importantly, what we don’t want in a relationship. This will help us to grow and mature, and lead us to the lasting connection we are all looking for – the soulmate connection. However, if we keep repeating the same mistakes, making the same poor choices and we do not learn and grow, instead of lasting love, all we find is misery. Eventually, most of us figure out that hitting ourselves in the head with a hammer over and over again only feels good when we stop.

Soulmate connections also have a karmic aspect. That is, the two people in question know each other outside the bounds of a single incarnation. Call it a spiritual connection. When soulmates meet, there is often an instantaneous sense of recognition – as if you already know this person. Then the rational mind kicks in and says, “No, that’s impossible, we’ve never met before.” Often getting this type of relationship off the ground is quite a struggle – it’s not all rainbows and balloons as some people expect. Even when this karmic connection exists, it’s not a guarantee that the relationship will last forever. It may be that there are just a few turns on the floor, even when such a powerful connection is present. Instead of hoping it will last and fearing that it won’t, learn to cherish each moment you have together. Live it fully. Accept the good instead of fearing the bad. If you don’t, you’ll be robbing yourself of love, of light, and of a true present.

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