The Truth About Self-Love

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by Psychic Advisor: Kim Lorde

We have all heard the clichés, the regurgitated rhetoric of “self-love,” but it is still misunderstood by the masses. Love is a verb, an action, but we have reduced it to “noun” status, making it a thing to do instead of a way of being.

How do you feel when someone appreciates you, listens to you, respects you, understands you? It makes you feel brave, like you can accomplish anything. It puts a smile on your face and a hidden glow in your heart. It makes you want to share how you feel with others so that they too can experience it for themselves.

Now, apply those same feelings of appreciation, respect, and understanding to yourself. How do you do that?

You have to realize that you exist, not just as flesh, but as spirit. You’re here and you have many gifts and talents that you’ve yet to discover. Be like a child and have fun discovering them.

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Where most of us tend to falter is at the sound of someone else’s words and opinions…you know what I’m talking about: “You’re useless. You’ll never amount to anything. You’re a loser. You’re stupid. You’re ugly,” need I go on, or do you get what I’m saying? We’ve heard these and far worse, I’m sure. Those words can cut and have cut deeply.

Lean in close and let me tell you little secret: those hurtful things that people have said to you are… LIES. That’s right, big nasty, smelly LIES. You believed those lies because you forgot what and who you are. Then you start to think, “How can I be so sure that they’re lies?”

Here’s how:

When you go for a walk and you listen to the birds singing, each species has its own individual song and it’s pretty. Each flower that you see has such vibrant colors that leave us in awe. Each snowflake has no duplicate. You see that diversity, that beauty, those songs, those butterflies, and even those pesky mosquitoes; well, dragonflies must eat too, so looking at their beautiful wings is a small price to pay for mosquitoes. I digress…

They were thought of and created. So were you. Our parents may have had a hand in contributing to our physical appearance, but the appearance that actually matters, no human had anything to do with.

I’ll tell you a little story so that you truly understand how incredible you actually are.

I had this vision one time of a dark silhouetted figure, no real form to it. As I watched the figure, it plucked a piece of its heart off and tossed it into the darkness repeatedly. It looked like fireworks lighting up the night sky.

After seeing this vision, I understood that something created my light with the love of its heart. It took from itself to make me, to make you. It was a deliberate action to pluck. If something is going to take the time, effort, energy, care, and thought to create you, how can you not see how valuable you are? Yes, even despite what other people have to say.

It is the distorted view of love that has created a whole world of hurt and the only way to heal it is if each individual understands that they are loved.

We are created from love itself and when we come to that realization, then we’ll understand that gazing into the eyes of our fellow humans can only ever reflect love back to us.

So, you see, if we hold onto that image of being created from love, then it becomes easier to see that others were also created from love. When we interact with one other, we should help those who have forgotten to remember that they too were created from love through our actions of kindness, generosity, gentleness, warmth, appreciation, respect, and love in action.

Yes, we can practice self-care: sleeping well, eating healthy foods, enjoying the company of good friends, doing activities that make us excited to be alive. They fill our cups with love so that we can pour love out onto those that we encounter.

Self-love is the TRUTH as to how your soul sees you, instead of the way you have been conditioned by society to see yourself.

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7 steps to improving self-love:

1. Where ever you are, practice watching yourself breathe. This exercise helps you see how many thoughts you actually have. Ignore all of those thoughts and just focus on breathing.

2. Make up your mind that every moment of the day you will seek to experience and accept the love in action that is all around you. Keep an eye out and you’ll see it.

3. Spend at least 5 minutes every day looking into your owns eyes. This exercise helps you to reconnect with the person that’s looking out through your eyes…YOU. You’ll start to develop a relationship with your intuition.

4. Explore activities that you enjoy doing and go do them! This exercise will allow you to appreciate the inner beauty of your talents. Yes, you’ll want to share them, go ahead.

5. Catch yourself in the act of speaking badly to yourself. This exercise will help you to identify and eliminate negative self-talk by replacing negative with positive. You will start clearing out the rubbish that you’ve allowed others to litter in your brain. It will also show you where and how you may have hurt others with your words.

6. Be gentle with yourself and forgive yourself for your past actions towards you and others. This exercise will help you heal.

7. Spend at least 10 minutes alone in silence. This exercise will help you recognize how your body feels when it’s calm and give you a benchmark for relaxation. It will also help reduce anxiety and depression.


About the Author:

Kim is very intuitive and will teach you how to develop and rely on your own inner guidance. Kim spends a lot of time with her Spirit Guides and prefers to speak TRUTH instead of relying on her ego. When you ask her questions, she goes straight to the source and relays the message directly to you as to what direction you should take. Kim’s biggest desire is that each and every person she comes into contact with grows in wisdom and love. If you’re ready for your life to transform then call Kim today.

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