3 Romantic Picnic Ideas for Your Summer of Love

happy couple having a picnic

Hot summer days and warm summer nights create a fertile atmosphere that’s uniquely suited to falling in love. The sun and heat set off a series of natural chemical reactions in the human body that make us more susceptible to the forces of romance at work in the universe.

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Great Outdoor Dates

A book of verses underneath the bough,

A Jug of wine, a loaf of bread—and thou

Beside me singing in the wilderness—

O, wilderness were paradise enow!

—From “The Rubyat” of Omar Khayyám

For those happily paired up, summertime offers a bevy of outdoor opportunities to indulge in al fresco outings. Picnics, especially, over shared food and perhaps a bottle of wine, aided and abetted by the unconfined ambience of a natural setting, can truly put your love affair over the top and create warm memories to last long into the cooler months. Weekend getaways have always been fodder for romance, but along with old favorites, there are many novel ways to enjoy the outdoors a deux. Here are three of our favorites.

Daytime Hike

Tried and true, and still near the top of any picnic list is a trek into the woods with a basket lunch. If your desired destination means a fair bit of hiking, think “moveable feast” for your picnic. Select a basket or backpack that’s easily carried, and don’t overdo it when stocking up on comestibles. Small bites and a mix of flavors are very sexy for sharing, but if you’re not equipped to keep perishables chilled, remember to pack only foods that don’t require refrigeration. If you’re likely to forget little items such as a corkscrew, choose beverages with screw-top caps.

Beach at Night

A day at the beach is fine for frolicking, but an evening on the sand, reminiscent of far-off locales and famous love scenes, is the perfect backdrop for a nighttime beach picnic. A little pre-date forecasting is always in order. Check the weather report to make sure you’re not likely to get rained out, and if you want a truly spectacular evening sky, why not plan your beach night to coincide with a full moon? Evening picnics often feature more sophisticated food and beverage choices, but non-breakable stemware still is a better choice for beach-goers than glass.

Movie in the Park

If your local city park has movie nights, this is a great spot for newly met couples to get acquainted. It’s still a “date night,” but offers the sanctuary of having other people around and a distraction in the form of the movie, if conversation lulls. Again, pack light and bring food that will fare well without refrigeration. Flavored popcorn is an excellent choice, and there are scads of popcorn recipes for tasty treats to make your movie-going date even more enjoyable.


Every picnic has a checklist of specific equipment required to make your date a success. Picnics are spontaneous and fun by nature, but a little planning ahead will ensure that things run smoothly. For daytime outings, remember to bring to keep hydrated while hiking. You’ll also need: insect repellent and sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses, wipes for hands, a small first-aid kit (just in case), comfortable shoes, and a blanket/throw on which to spread out your feast.

For nighttime outdoor dates, in addition to your blanket and well-stocked picnic basket, don’t forget to pack insect repellent and a flashlight, and make sure your keys are secured to guard against falling out of a pocket while you’re lying prone.

Al Fresco Music Playlist

In sultry summer weather, Mother Nature doesn’t appreciate being blasted with a too much bass (and besides, for stormy weather, nothing in our meager mortal repertoire can compete with her heavy metal). Light musical fare such as upbeat classical, folk, or jazz are conducive to both the environment and romance, and are your best bets for picnic bliss.

Outdoor Picnic Karma

Finally, day or night, you must follow the golden rule of campers, hikers, and picnic-goers to leave everything as you found it–or better. This means you should pick up, transport, and dispose of all litter appropriately. Douse all fires and never leave embers or live coals burning. There’s nothing less romantic than arriving at the perfect picnic spot only to find it trashed by a previous visitor, so do your part to make sure that perfect picnic settings remain pristine and can be enjoyed by every subsequent courting couple that comes to call.

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