Understanding Relationship Karma: Mars in the Composite Astrology Chart

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Elsie came to me concerned her relationship wasn’t going to last. When we looked at their composite astrological chart, I saw that their composite Mars was in Libra. Sexually, this Mars needs lots of foreplay, a comfortable environment, candles—all the works. But, when I asked about their sex life, she said it was usually more of an exhausted quickie than anything else. No wonder their approach wasn’t working! We discussed how to make sex more of a priority in order to keep the Mars in their relationship satisfied.

Veronica had a different issue: she and her boyfriend often found themselves bickering in public. She believed anger should never be aired in public, but he was more expressive. I looked at their chart and saw that their composite Mars was in Aries. This Mars needs to blow off steam, whether at home or at the supermarket. I told her that suppressing the need to fight caused anger to bubble up in less healthy ways. Making peace with the fact that healthily expressed anger was a necessary part of this relationship would improve the relationship. But she also needed to realize that their union was more volatile than she currently found comfortable.

I worked with both women to help them understand their karmic agreements and make empowering choices in their relationships. Veronica ultimately decided she couldn’t deal with the volatility in her relationship, so she ended it. This was the right choice for her, and now she has a better idea of her relationship preferences. Elsie and her husband worked together to prioritize their sex life, and now she feels great about their relationship.

Composite Mars in the Signs & Houses

How Mars expresses itself in your relationship chart will tell you a lot about your sex life, what type of action keeps the relationship energized, and how anger is expressed in the union—all very important topics for maintaining a healthy relationship.

Mars in Aries/First House: Passionate in public, this couple has no problem with airing their dirty laundry or expressing affection. They will need straightforward, energetic sex and will prosper by working out together and sharing personal growth. This Mars expresses anger quickly and will not accept repression. Even if both people are not expressive by themselves, the union will require them to learn to let it loose and then let it go.

Mars in Taurus/Second House: This Mars is stubborn and committed to creating something worthwhile. If the couple can learn to navigate the tendency toward bullheadedness, this is a great Mars for longevity, loyalty, and growth. The sex will be yummy and sensual but perhaps unadventurous. This couple will do well to create together—building a house, a garden, or raising kids. Taking action happens after due consideration, so the relationship won’t be quick to change.

Mars in Gemini/Third House: A couple with composite Mars in Gemini will be constantly in motion: new projects, guests coming and going, papers stacked on the kitchen table, and a phone ringing off the hook. This Mars is open to sexual exploration and needs a lot of mental stimulation. Couples here will need to be intellectually engaged with each other. They’ll be everybody’s favorite dinner companions but not the couple in charge of the neighborhood garage sale. Anger is expressed through irritation and frustration that quickly dissipates.

Mars in Cancer/Fourth House: A cranky placement for Mars, this couple will have to take time-outs to talk about emotions and express anger consciously rather than passive-aggressively. There’s great desire to nurture, and the union is well-expressed through raising kids or creating community. They’ll likely keep a comfy, safe home with lots of visitors and a full fridge. Mars here will require emotional growth and self-responsibility. This couple would enjoy remodeling a house together, as long as they remember to communicate.

Mars in Leo/Fifth House: This Mars requires that the relationship gets a lot of energy and attention from the individuals involved. They may be larger than life and might be another couple that argues in public—and then makes up on the park bench with abandon. Other kids will love these two, though their own children may find them over-the-top and embarrassing. Naturally extroverted, generous, and dynamic, this union will find themselves holding court. Action is expressed through surrounding themselves with creative projects and interesting people.

Mars in Virgo/Sixth House: This couple needs to find meaningful work they can do together. This might look like service projects, volunteering at the local animal shelter, or organizing a road race to benefit a cause. This is a discerning Mars, and the couple will have to make sure to address anger rather than keeping it in. There may be a tendency to nitpick or nag, but a better expression is to discuss issues once the heat has burned down. Sexually, this Mars needs some encouragement to be fully expressive, and this couple can benefit from workshops that encourage sex in a spiritual or Tantric context.

Mars in Libra/Seventh House: Composite Mars in Libra is invested in relationships, including the friends and family of the couple. This couple will be committed to taking action on behalf of others and creating more harmony and justice in the world. There may be an unhealthy tendency to deflect anger issues for the sake of maintaining harmony, so work towards expressing anger through thoughtful conversation. Sexually, this Mars isn’t on fire and is more interested in friendship than passion.

Mars in Scorpio/Eighth House: As with any Scorpio placement, this Mars wants to express itself through sexuality, creativity, and deep intimacy. This couple will have to watch out for passive-aggressive tendencies as well as dramatic power struggles. This union will need to find healthy sources of sexual variety and can make great Tantra teachers or work as a team to counsel others in relationship and intimacy contexts. Without sex, this relationship will wither.

Mars in Sagittarius/Ninth House: This couple will be happiest traveling together or learning about the world through studying aspects of another culture. They will express action through their personal growth and the growth of others, but this Mars won’t tolerate stagnation. They are great fun at a party and will have a wide variety of friends. Very occasionally, this Mars will express as the fanatical religious couple who wants to convince everyone else that they’re right. Sexually, this Mars works best when intimacy is lighthearted and fun.

Mars in Capricorn/Tenth House: Mars here wants to build a relationship of substance and integrity. It is likely to last a long time if you put energy towards moving through fears and restrictions. Capricorn is a great repressor, so both individuals will need to make an effort to create a safe space to communicate. This couple may be natural leaders in their community and will express well if they take on projects or businesses together—they just need to make sure to share the power. Sexually, they’re not adventurous unless they feel safe, but then, watch out!

Mars in Aquarius/Eleventh House: This couple may just take off for the third world, ready to create a better life for others. Or they’ll be the first to jump on a manned journey to Mars. This Mars isn’t really interested in having a “normal” relationship but rather how they can freely express themselves with the greater good of the tribe in mind. Sexually, they may be quite quirky but more for the mental experience than the purely physical. There may be the tendency to be dismissive of anger, or, in the opposite direction, to always be “right.” An unpredictable energy exists here, and Mars might express in any way—as long as it’s interesting and new.

Mars in Pisces/Twelfth House: This Mars desires to explore the spiritual aspects of life. This is another crusading couple, likely to be missionaries or spiritual travelers who sell everything to move to an ashram in India. A couple that is devoted to service, they’ll have to watch that others don’t take advantage of their generosity. It may be that the highest expression of love is to stay put and help kids in the neighborhood rather than travel to Africa to build a school. Sexually, they need emotion and connection to fuel desire. As with other water signs, there can be passive aggressive tendencies. Creating a space to safely communicate anger is essential for this couple.

Perhaps more than any other planet, Mars in the composite chart can make or break a relationship. You have to be able to express anger productively, enjoy a satisfying sex life, and put energy toward common goals in order for your relationship to thrive. An advisor can help you understand and make sense of the lessons available to you through your composite Mars.

Understanding the needs in your relationship is important! Anger, sex, passion—all are great topics to explore with a psychic advisor on Keen. You can also speak with one of our experienced astrologers to learn more about your composite astrology chart.

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