Understanding Your Twin Flame Relationship

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by Dream Alessia

Twin flames are becoming more and more popular but can be frequently misunderstood. Twin flames can be improperly explained by people whom are well meaning, but not sensitive to the particulars of a twin flame love, and how to tell a twin flame from a soulmate or karmic balancing.

I advise clients to trust their intuition. If you think it is a twin flame connection, most of the time that feeling is your first indication that you two are twin flames. You will know someone is your twin flame if you are fully at peace about that knowledge. Twin flames will also often have very intense feelings when they meet, and often clash in the beginning because of old unresolved hurts they must resolve in this lifetime.

What is important to know about a twin flame relationship is that every one’s journey is different. You might meet your twin flame in this incarnation, but not come into union or even be in a relationship with them in this lifetime. Sometimes you two will just meet for as little as an hour and then meet again on the other side.

Do not compare your twin flame journey to anyone else’s because everyone is different, and you and your twin flame have a different connection and journey. You and your twin flame will most likely have unique issues that you two are working out.  Be patient with the process and gentle with yourself and your twin flame. Avoid comparing your relationship with your twin flame to others, and don’t think things should be this way or that, because that will just upset you. This will not allow you to let things unfold as organically as they need to for you two to resolve what is blocking your union.

A twin flame finds your buttons and leaves their finger on them. They are your mirror and they show you areas that need healing, things that need to be released, where you are making excuses, and when you need to let go of limiting beliefs. Sometimes a twin flame can take several lifetimes to work through all of these issues, therefore trust the process and allow things to take as long as they need to.

If you have met your twin flame and they are not ready for union, or they are in a karmic balancing relationship with someone else, I recommend to (as hard as it is) leave things be and focus on yourself. Focus on your life, your goals and keep the energy clear between you two so that when your twin flame is ready to come into union, they will find you and be ready.

Love yourself and accept yourself wherever you are at in life. I advise twin flames to be in the present and to focus on mindfulness and meditate together daily. Start with 5 minutes to help them continue expanding and growing in their enlightenment.

Every moment we are here on Earth is a miracle. Remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, so enjoy the ride as each blissful moment unfolds in the symphony of the universe, and enjoy each step of this beautiful day.


About the Author:

Dream Alessia is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner. Specializing in tarot and love/relationship readings, she helps her clients uncover their true feelings and discover the potential of relationships. She works with angels, fairies and flower energy. Alessia offers angel and oracle card readings, chakra balancing, aura and energy cleaning, and dream interpretation.

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