Heart Healing: Using Crystals & Stones to Attract Love

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Maureen’s ten year marriage had ended in divorce a year ago. She had tried many techniques to attract another relationship into her life, but she wasn’t satisfied with the results.

We did a reading for her, and her guides revealed that she needed to clear her energy field of some remaining hurt from the divorce. They also recommended she use gemstones to vibrationally make her more receptive and visible to a potential lover.

I did a heart healing for her with crystals, and instructed her in making a gem elixir to use for two weeks. Until this point, Maureen had only used her stones casually, but our sessions revealed a subtle power that was guiding her spiritual healing.

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How to Prepare Crystals

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing can be assisted by the use of specific stones.

You can do crystal healings by laying out the stones on and around the body. Crystals collect energy and need to be cleansed and programmed before you begin a healing. It’s ok to buy them online, but I recommend buying your stones in a shop where you can handle them and see which ones speak to you.

To cleanse your crystals, place them in salt water (or the sea, if you live near it) and hold the intention to clear any negative energies. Ask that the crystal be re-energized with its original qualities and powers. You can place fragile stones on a bed of sea salt (not table salt) for a few hours. You can also place crystals in the sun or under a full moon to recharge them.

Programming crystals is easy. Hold the cleansed crystal in your hand and say something like, “I use this crystal in light and love, for the highest good of all.” Then meditate a few moments with your stone, focusing on what you want to use it for. Be specific. What kind of healing do you want? What type of love are you trying to attract? You are placing your intentions into the powerful matrix of the crystal. Say aloud, “I program this crystal for _________ (your purpose).”

Crystal Healing for Love

For the heart healing I used for Maureen, you will need several specific stones: Amethyst points (2-4), Rose Quartz (7), Dioptase (1), and Watermelon Tourmaline (1). The stones don’t need to be huge, but they shouldn’t be tiny pieces either. Dioptase is a fairly rare stone, so it can be expensive, but it’s a powerful healer of the high heart and it works well if there has been betrayal or abandonment. If you can’t obtain it, use another Rose Quartz instead.

Pick a spot where you can lie flat and comfortably and won’t be disturbed. I use a table for clients, but at home I like a clean space of carpet in my living room. Get a pillow for your knees or head if you want to.

Lay the crystals out in a half circle around your upper body, from your right elbow and around your head to your left elbow. Start with one Rose Quartz, then an Amethyst point with the point facing away from your body. Follow with Rose Quartz, another Amethyst, then three Rose Quartz—one near each ear and at the top of the head. Continue down the left with Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz. On your breastbone or high heart, place the Dioptase. On your heart chakra, place the Watermelon Tourmaline.

Rest for twenty minutes, allowing the energy of the stones to do their work. Amethyst will clear out emotional imbalance, while Rose Quartz encourages self-love, openness, and peace. Dioptase will encourage the deep healing of betrayal wounds and reconnect you to your divine source. Watermelon Tourmaline helps you back to wholeness, enables clear perception of situations, and eases depression.

Maureen experienced a quiet but deep release of tears during the healing. You may have a similar experience or not. But know that this is a powerful process! Allow yourself to rest and enjoy it, and know that it’s working. Using your own discretion, once a month is a steady rate for crystal healing practices.

How to Make a Gem Elixir 

Gem elixirs are made by placing a gemstone in spring water. Distilled or tap water will not be effective. You can also use water from unpolluted streams or rivers (but not if you are going to take the elixir internally).

Place your cleansed and programmed crystal in a glass bowl with the spring water and allow it to stand in sunlight for 12 hours. Remove the crystal and then bottle the infused water—this is your “mother” tincture. If you want to keep it for more than a week, add 50% vodka or brandy. You can add a few drops to bathwater, or pour it into a spray bottle with more spring water to mist on skin or around your altar. You shouldn’t take gem elixirs internally unless you are clear about the properties of each gem (some are toxic). Consult a crystal healer for internal elixirs.

Maureen misted her Rose Quartz elixir on her body daily, and used it in the bath. She held the intention for the love she wanted to attract as she did so.

An Easy Ritual for Attracting Love

If you want a simple but powerful way to work with crystals, incorporate them into a ritual. You can use your Amethyst and Rose Quartz together.

Place the crystals together on your altar or on a clean table. Light two candles—even better if they are new and devoted to this specific ritual. You can call in the four directions, your spirit guides, or higher self. Ask that the ritual be directed into the universe for the highest good.

Now, take your crystals and hold them in your hand. Let their energy run up your arms and down into your heart. Gather the stones to your heart and say aloud, “I welcome and attract love into my life.” Feel the love and readiness to give and receive in your own heart. Set the crystals back down. Meditate with them as long as you like, imagining the feelings of a satisfying, healthy love. When you’re done, thank the crystals, release any guides, and blow out your candles.

Leave the crystals as they are, or place them near your bed. You can do this ritual weekly if you wish.

Crystals Are Powerful!

Don’t underestimate the power of these gifts of the earth. Used correctly, gemstones will have a noticeable effect. Maureen made contact about two months after our session.

“I’m drowning in suitors! Now I can’t decide,” she laughed.

Often psychics can help you find a stone that is a personal vibrational match for you. If you want assistance knowing when or how to use gems, contact an advisor on Keen for help.

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