What Relationships Taught Me About Self-Respect

sad couple standing back to back

by Michelle Caporale 

I’ve reached a level in my life where I care very much about myself. I value, respect and honor who I am. I’m particular in choosing who I associate with and why. I now walk away what doesn’t feel right, what hurts me. This was not always the case. I’ve been where many of you are; confused, lost and hurting.

Relationships should not have to be secrets or hardships. They require both parties willing to come together for the greater good of being happy and staying together through thick and thin.

When each person has a healthy sense of self, you have two healthy people. When one is always giving, and the other is always taking, that’s not a balance. There are times when one has to step about to help the other, that’s normal. However, when there’s the other partner taking and one is always giving that becomes taxing.

I once dated someone who said I was their world, they loved me, we were meant to be. Yet, his actions said different. He took a vacation one week, stayed at home, never did anything with me, ignored me. The worst part came after I lost a family member, which devastated me. He never even called, nor texted. We had been together for almost a year and I had noticed that as each month passed he became less interested. I wanted to ignore the red flags.

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When I finally blew up out of hurt and frustration, he didn’t bother to try to fix it. He went along his way leaving me for dead. I felt lost. Those moments were hard to overcome. I felt useless, hopeless. It took me almost two years to get past him. Every now and think I still think of him.

If I had respect for myself back then, I would have walked away and never tried to make something work that was never going to work. We had been down this route before, it was our 2nd time around. Nothing changed. He was good in that beginning but never stayed consistent. He never will. I intuitively know this about him. I wish him well but I’m better off without him.

Even though it destroyed me, I learned to value myself over time. I learned I mattered. I started drawing boundaries with people. I started to care about what I wanted and what I was doing. I started to put me first. I lost myself in one way, found myself in another and I survived. You can too!

We can’t change others, but we can change how we react and handle ourselves.

If you’re empty and lost you cannot find your way, know that in time you will. Know that you have value and worth.

Later on, I met a wonderful man who loved me just as I was and didn’t ignore me. He stood around. He was the right one.


About the Author: Michelle has many attributes that can be used order to serve each querent, including: Mediumship, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, and Psychometry. As soon as Michelle connects with an individual, she can immediately tap in using these tools. To date, she has worked on several cold cases with Police Departments and families in New York, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and California. Michelle’s medium and intuition ability experiences began when she was visited by her great grandmother the night of her wake. Michelle uses her gifts to tap into your deepest questions whether they be your relationship, career or any aspect of your life.

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