Justice – Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

justice card from phantasmagoric tarot

by Psychic Advisor: Empress Tarot

Elouisa, Justice from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot by Graham Cameron, sits cross-legged on the theater stage. Not for her the pomp and tradition of other Justice cards. She understands that true justice is not swayed by outside appearances and does not worry about fitting in with societal expectation. She demonstrates this understanding wearing her green T-shirt and purple capris. Her hair is spiked and almost the same shade of purple as her pants. Her boots come to her thighs and she has a tiny heart tattooed on her right cheek, for she knows that compassion has a place in the pursuit of justice.

The golden Sword of Truth Elouisa holds in her hand is both ancient and sharp. This sword is the weapon of the mental warrior, cutting away illusion, deception, and false choices to get to the heart of the matter.  It has been used so many times that one edge is pitted with wear. The eyes of Justice are wide open and the Scales of Balance float in a glowing sphere behind the strange green plants growing out of the stage floor. Justice is all about balance and Elouisa is willing to preserve that equilibrium even by means of her sword. I have to wonder what she is holding in the hand hidden behind her back.

Elouisa is the eleventh guide The Fool meets on his or her journey and the first guide in the second, more spiritual, half of the Major Arcana. She is the logical next step from the Wheel of Fortune, as her job is to help The Fool regain balance after a ride on the Wheel. The element of Justice is Air, her direction is East, and she is ruled by the planet Venus. Elouisa is a Libra and proudly wears the symbol of that sign on her shirt.

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Graham Cameron says this about Justice: “Balance – Libra.  Sitting here in a moment of thought is Elouisa. She represents balance and holds in her hand a sword, indicating that a serious decision is imminent. Two beanstalks have begun to grow either side of Elouisa, a reminder that both sides of the story must be considered. Externally she appears to be in control, yet inside she struggles; a new act must be considered. Elouisa understands the divine law that in order to receive something, we must sacrifice something else in return. It is a law of exchange. When we focus too much time on the material plane, our spiritual life begins to diminish. Elouisa sits and weighs her thoughts, pondering what new directions to take. She speaks what the conscience thinks. The card of Justice reminds us of the importance of give and take, and to listen before making decisions.”

In the upright position, Justice represents clarity of thought, wisdom, unbiased judgment, and honesty. This is a favorable card when looking into legal and contractual matters. Sometimes, it appears when you are called upon to make a clear and calm decision regarding the direction of your life. This card suggests that an impartial friend, relative or advisor can help you sort through your options and come to the best possible decision.

In the reversed position, Justice signifies disorder, indecision, and delays. Prejudice and lack of balance are possible at this time. Things may not be as fair and equitable as they appear on the surface, so there is a need to double check any documents or contracts you might be called upon to sign. Be careful whose advice you take when Justice reversed enters the picture.


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