Will You Meet Your Twin Flame This Summer?

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by Keen Psychic: Dream Lily Rose

Summer is the season of fire, the energy is heightened and passions and creative ideas stir in our spirits. The human longing for love deep within our psyche drives us to connect with our partners, and if we are still single we seek that connection with someone. Some say it is a legend or a myth, but I believe twin flames are real. The other half that is your mirror image of you, your twin flame and you share the same energy connection and you two will be irresistibly drawn to each other, and can’t help but find each other on this magical spinning blue ball we call Earth.

If you are single and want to meet your twin flame this summer, here are some ideas to help you call in your twin flame:

1. Ask and You Shall Receive:

 Start by asking your guides and angels for answers. First, what do you need to work on in yourself to be ready for your twin flame meeting? What energy do you need to clear out, and what do you need to release so that you are ready for your twin? Finally, ask your guides to bring your twin flame into your life in divine timing.

2. Energy Clearing

 You can also start doing energy clearing meditations. I have a recorded listing that can help you clear your energy and your twin’s, to help clear out stagnant energy and energy blocks. You can also do chakra balancing. Daily practice is ideal, or at least three times a week. If you are busy and only have ten minutes a day to meditate, that works perfectly! Any energy work you do on yourself, your twin will also benefit from because you two are linked by the same energy connection.

Ready to clear your energy? Click here to listen to my recorded meditation.

 3. Self-Care & Self-Love

 While you are waiting for your twin, max out on self-care and self-love! The more you practice self-love, you raise the vibrational frequency of the Earth and you help draw your twin to you, because when you love yourself and practice self-care, you will experience clearer energy. The channel between you and your twin will be clear and open for your love to flow between you two on a high vibe soul level.

Let the beautiful energy of the summer assist you in loving yourself and calling in your twin flame. And if you are with your twin flame, enjoy the summer with your twin!

Questions about your twin flame or someone you are not sure is your twin? I am happy to assist you in a reading. Namaste beloved ones. To love and twin flames!


About the Author:

Dream Lily Rose is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner. Specializing in tarot and love/relationship readings, she helps her clients uncover their true feelings and discover the potential of relationships. She works with angels, fairies and flower energy. Lily offers angel and oracle card readings, chakra balancing, aura and energy cleaning, and dream interpretation.

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