Your Inner Child: The Key to Achieving Self-Love

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by Keen Psychic Advisor: Majestic Insights

The majority of adults visualize self-love as spa days, sensual pleasures and tropical vacations. Rewarding ourselves with material gifts or chocolate are indeed an excellent way to love yourself. We have to realize that these are only temporary pleasures that can help you maintain a surface-level self-love. But how do we dig deeper? Where is the source of true, lasting self-love? The answer lies within you: your inner child. Attending to our inner child is the most rewarding and direct way to truly live a life of love.

Your inner child is the pure intuition, joy and essence of who you are! It is vital that she feels loved. She lives with you every moment of every day. If you spend your time, energy and money doing adult things or loving everyone else, she often feels neglected and unworthy to receive. All the pedicures in the world will not compensate an inner child who is too wounded to receive.

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Self-love can be attained instantly, in a lasting way that changes all our relations and outcomes with a few easy steps:

1. Relax and Visualize a Sacred Space

Sacred space can be the beach, the woods, a country cottage or a meadow. What defines a sacred space is that it is safe, comfortable and yours! In your sacred space you can trust yourself, your guides, your parts and the journey you are creating. You will know it is your sacred place because you will feel at peace inside yourself and humbly empowered on the outside. It is important to visualize this space as it allows you to trust yourself and the safety of your energy. It is a portal to your ability to communicate through your soul to the souls of others.

2. See Your Inner Child

Visualize her around five years of age. If she is wounded, be gentle, be her new friend in a trusting way. When she is comfortable and open, ask for a hug and play with her.  Your five year-old is unbridled intuition.  She is the magic of who you are before the world taught you differently. We have inner children of all ages, they are parts of your  unique wholeness. The 5 year old is special because she IS your unbridled intuition and you can trust her to be honest. It is important to interact with her because it reminds us that we are not alone. She gives you someone safe to love unconditionally. You give her a safe place to be cared for which allows her to have a feeling of belonging which empowers creativity.

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3. Take on Motherly Energy

Show your inner child that you want to be her mom. Make a deal for her to come live with you. Deals may include ice cream, a swing, watching a movie with popcorn or pillows! Taking on the role of her mother serves fundamental truths. The first  truth of it is that she is a part of you and it makes logistics simple if you be the caregiver vs. her feeling abandoned. What this union does for you is allow you to dance, swing, paint with watercolors or howl at the moon! It is vitally important to have an integrated five year-old because together you are happy and whole.

4. Be Her Safe Place

By being her protector, caregiver and friend her brilliance is safe to shine.  Enjoy giving and receiving love with her because life is more fun when we laugh. It is empowering to know we are loved. Two can accomplish more when blending talents and zest for life. Some find it hard to give or receive love with other. Loving a 5 year old is easy! Allowing her to love us back is safe, warm and fuzzy! It is the ultimate defrag of your own feelings allowing a sense of comfort and family.

This may seem silly at first, but the results will grace every area of your life. Loving your inner child will change your life in profound and everlasting ways. Be the love by loving yourself from the inside out.



About the Author:

Karey (Majestic Insights) is a psychic medium, relationship coach and teacher specializing in awareness and probabilities. Her approach is honest, empowering and effective at quickly honing into situations, energies and intent. Many years of helping people find their personal truth, through a soul perspective, equips her with many tools and tips.

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