4 Ways to Manifest Radiant Self-Love

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by Keen Psychic Advisor: Soul Navigation – Meredith

You can recognize the people in the world that are true vessels of radiant love. These people are in love with life. You know these people, because a big, beautiful, sparkly energy comes alive when they speak. These are the people that make you feel amazing. What’s their secret to happiness?  It boils down to one simple element: loving one’s self. But, for those of us who don’t already have that radiant happiness, how do we accomplish this? Here are 4 ways you can manifest radiant self-love:

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Be Proud

Loving one’s self actually means valuing one’s self. When you fall madly in love with yourself, it means you’ve developed into a person you can be proud of. This is not something that’s handed to you; it’s something you grow, day by day, moment by moment. It starts when you realize that your self-doubts and insecurities are actually robbing you of the life you deserve. It’s a day when a radical desire for change wells up inside of you and outweighs indulging in your bad habits, for even one more minute. Write down your bad habit on a piece of paper — crumple it up and throw it away! It’s GONE! Now, find your top 5 strengths. Write them down on sticky notes and put them on your bathroom mirror. You are going to have a deeper relationship with your strengths by interacting with them daily. If you can’t think of any, call a friend and ask, “what are my virtues?” For example: Optimism, Caring for Others, Sense of Humor, Helpfulness, Listening. Now move throughout your entire day with one or all your strengths guiding you. Because these are your powerful innate gifts that live inside of you, watch how using them conscientiously and with intention will light up your world.  It’s these unique qualities inside of you that, when you share them, create that radiant, sparkly joy that makes you come alive.

Treat Yourself & Trust Yourself!

Self-love is not just indulging yourself in a yummy doughnut, or bubble bath. While you may love those things, deserve them, and indulge in them on occasion, I’d love to encourage you to take on a bigger, deeper challenge around treating yourself by trusting yourself. Give yourself permission to trust yourself. Know that you have your best interest at hand. Developing a deep trust in yourself creates an infinite amount of self-love. How do you begin to trust yourself? Make decisions that ONLY support your highest best outcome. Dedicate your whole day to following your True North and not sabotaging yourself by accommodating your ego desires. Implement restraint and be proud that you made decisions that required great willpower and courage. Be the very best version of yourself throughout the entire day, from morning to night and when you see the results you will start to trust yourself even more tomorrow. Why is trusting yourself such a treat? Because it removes anxiety from your life. When you are peaceful you are happy. Peacefulness — the pure state of calm — is the highest form of fulfillment a person can feel. A fleeting sense of joy, from eating a sweet treat does not ultimately bring you peace; however trusting yourself does.

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Choose something in life that you are a little nervous to try. Now, do that very thing to your full potential! Work on it till you are proud of yourself. It can be anything! For example, dive off the high-dive, learn to paint, try online dating, dance, talk to a stranger, speak in front of a group, go roller-skating! You get the idea. It doesn’t matter what. Just pick something that is a slightly daunting, and do it to the best of your ability. Be your very best self in the process and do not evaluate your worth on the outcome, but instead be proud of yourself for taking on the challenge. When you do this, you are investing in yourself and developing self-confidence and the ultimate self-love.

Dare to Be More!

If you want more, you need to be more. When you take a risk in life, you add a drop of self-worth into your “SELF-LOVE” bucket, because you are developing YOU! When you start facing life courageously and eventually taking on challenges with more ease, your self-love bucket starts to fill. Self-worth is transferable. Imagine that you add two drops of self-worth to your self-love bucket every time you are willing to take on new challenge. When you move through life, like a radiant, happy, confident person — you are unknowingly drawing from the collective drops of self-worth that live in your love bucket. Fill this bucket daily, by daring yourself to be more than who you were yesterday.

Self-Love is Yours For the Taking!

Truly happy people trust themselves, because they are developing the greatest possible version  of themselves daily. Their happiness is apparent because they are being who they want to be in the world by sharing their unique and innate strengths with others. Their “love bucket’ overflows because they find the joy in taking on new challenges and becoming more confident with each new day. The gift they receive for all of this is a deep feeling of value, purpose and self worth. Take the challenge and untap the infinite self-love that lives deep inside of you.


About the Author:

Soul Navigation – Meredith is a Master Intuitive Reader, working on Keen for 17 years. As a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient & Clairsentient Meredith helps others receive divine answers that benefit their highest, best self in all areas of life. Quick, compassionate & to the point her clients have come to trust her accuracy. Meredith’s readings are filled with empowering & transformational results.

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