Everything You Need to Know About a Free Online Psychic Reading

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Everyone wonders about the future and their path in life. Whether you’re alone in bed, stuck in traffic, on a nature walk, or daydreaming while you’re at work in the office, your mind is likely constantly spinning, wondering about where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you’re headed. Millions of questions move in and out of our minds every week, but sometimes, we even become obsessed with topics when we just don’t know the answer. Yet, in a world that has never been more connected, you can quickly search the internet or social media for answers—praying they’re accurate. But this brings up further questions: where can you get free psychic readings? Are free online psychic readings accurate? Join us as we investigate this topic in-depth! Here at we offer the most premium, prestigious, and talented psychics, astrologers, mystics, and healers in the world!


Are free psychic readings real?

The first thing to know is that psychic readings are real—whether or not you want to believe in them. Psychics, clairvoyants, and mystics have been around since the dawn of mankind. However, that doesn’t guarantee that everyone who says they are a psychic actually has gifts. It also doesn’t mean that every single psychic who has gifts will be accurate one-hundred-percent of the time. In a sense, it’s like saying an artist or painter is guaranteed to produce a stunning masterpiece every time or that your favorite athlete will always have the best game of their life. Statistically, this is just not the case. Yet, psychics who are vetted through a process, have a wide base of clientele, and have notable testimonials and credentials are much more likely to be able to provide the services that you seek. This is why even if your best friend—or you—pick up a Tarot deck and pull some cards, it’s unlikely they’re going to be as accurate as someone who practices psychic readings and divination professionally.


What is a psychic reading?

A psychic reading takes place when an individual with heightened abilities and perception—often one of the “clairs” (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, et cetera)—taps into these gifts and energetic frequencies for another individual. Some psychics use tools, such as Tarot or Oracle card decks, pendulums, tealeaves, runes, palmistry, or beyond. Others do not need tools and can simply rely on their trained abilities. In a psychic reading, the psychic will peer into the other person’s energy, future, or seek answers to their questions. If it is a medium reading, they may interact or engage with or listen to spirits before they relay their messages.


Are there free psychic readings?

First and foremost to note, yes, there are free psychic readings! Many people offer them online and many websites provide them, too. Sometimes you can register for a website, such as ours, and gain instant access to some of the best psychic readings in the world!

However, free psychic readings can create negative karma for the individual as well as the psychic. This is because in all readings or services, there is a need for an exchange of some sort—whether that is finances, energy, gifts, or services. While money can be tight for some people worldwide, asking for a free psychic reading is an unfair thing to do. It is asking someone to give their energy to you for free. It is asking someone to perform their gifts for free. Would you want someone to expect you to work for free forever? No. You would expect to be paid for your time, talent, and work, regardless if you like your job or career or not. Remember: you get what you pay for, so if you’re expecting vague, inaccurate, and confusing readings, then don’t pay for them. But if you actually want honest, authentic, and direct answers, you should have the integrity to pay for them.


Are free psychic readings accurate?

While some psychics or clairvoyants may be willing to provide insight and answers out of the goodness of their hearts, more often than not, they will not be fully tapping into your energy and aura in order to provide precise answers. Some people offer free psychic readings to hone and practice their skills. More often than not, they will be vague and confusing, bringing you more questions than answers—or wrong answers, altogether. Again, this is because they aren’t receiving a gift in return. Instead, they are spending it on you. This is why it is always highly encouraged to pay a psychic for their skills, even if it is merely a donation-based system. In fact, there are many very affordable psychics, Tarot readers, healers, astrologers, and mystics that are happy to provide excellent services to you by a donation-basis or even charging by the minute, chunk of minutes, or session. Learn more about our services and horoscopes and psychic readings at here!


What kinds of free psychic readings are there?

Sometimes psychics and psychic websites will offer a free trial to members who sign up. This is a way of testing out your connection with the practitioner. Then, after you hit a certain amount of time, you may then be able to pay or donate extra to continue the reading. Tarot readings, astrology readings, psychic readings, aura readings, past life readings, numerology readings, love and relationship readings, crystal ball readings, rune readings, and palm readings are all offered by us here at Remember: we are the best website in the world for all of your psychic reading needs!

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