4 Ways to Shift Your Mind and Body This Spring

by Keen Psychic: Insight with Gabby


Seeing flowers, trees, and plants bloom in spring is truly a sight to see. We see the buds unrolling and filling our landscape with color. The same can be true for us. When we’ve been feeling down from the winter blues, we might feel as if we are blooming back into life in the spring.

It is a time for releasing what got caught up in our energy during the winter. Spring brings a time for rejuvenation. It’s time to refresh our spirit and shift into more positive energy mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Here’s how.

1. Shift Mentally By Being Aware Of Your Thoughts

A thought can be like a weed if it is negative, bringing us down emotionally. It can also be like a flower that brings us positive feelings. When I interned as a counselor-in-training at a mental health facility, I learned that our thoughts create our feelings. I always thought it was the opposite and that our feelings came first. Yet, after helping clients with worksheets that traced their feelings back to their thoughts, we discovered it was true. It became a game to be more aware of feelings and to find the thought that created them.

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In a garden, weeds could potentially overtake the flowers, plants, and trees. It takes awareness and regular tending to ensure they stay out of the garden. Like a flower, planting of a new thought takes time to root, but over time, it grows and stands on its own, creating more positive feelings. By pulling up the weeds, or negative thoughts, and planting flowers, or positive thoughts, you’ll have a beautiful garden to enjoy.

2. Shift Physically By Getting Outside In Nature

Exercising shifts you to feeling more energized in many ways. Combining exercise with being out in nature gives you a double dose of energy. Nature has a way of reconnecting us to our soul. It rejuvenates your spirit. Even walking in a park can be an enlightening experience. A park with walking trails benefits you in three ways because trails are an easy way to explore nature in a landscaped environment, parks give you a place to get exercise, and parks are a way to be around people to have a sense of community.

If you’re more adventurous and enjoy hiking, try to plan a hike to get back into nature and explore some trails. If you’re not sure where trailheads are in your local area, but want to try hiking one, search online to find local parks and trails.

3. Shift Emotionally By Clearing Doubt and Confusion

Keeping stuck in doubt and confusion creates misery. This is especially true when you have a decision pending. By being clear on the reason behind your decision, you will shift your emotions to clarity. We were made to resolve our doubt and confusion with truth. Consider truth to be the tool we use to shift and master our emotions like how a gardener uses a spade.

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One thing that often happens to clients is they still doubt a reading. To shift your emotions, go back over your reading notes or chat. It can be helpful to remember what was said and even experience the feelings you had from the original reading. The energy is still there in the words of the notes or chat experience.

Create that energy by taking the notes from your reading and writing affirmations as a way to program your operating system with clarity. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • I am here with a purpose. I have been placed here at the right time to fulfill that mission.
  • I have every resource I need to succeed right now. I am focused on identifying and using the resources I have to succeed.
  • I have the energy and the passion to be joyful right now in what I am doing.
  • I am prepared like the flowers are for each spring.
  • I am ready now. I have what I need.

4. Shift Spiritually Through Journaling

Keep a journal for gratitude and reflection each day to shift spiritually. Journaling helps to connect to your soul and shifts your thoughts and emotions. Consider it your open door to the guidance of the universe.

Start with gratitude. If you start off with the prompt, “I am grateful for…,” you may find yourself writing energetically with the gratitude that comes to your mind. After writing your gratitude, reflect on events that happened lately and your feelings about the situation. It’s best to go with the flow when you’re journaling. Let what wants to come out, come out onto the page. You will be one step closer to your inner guidance, the guidance of your angels or your spirit guides.

Here’s a few prompts you can use or create your own:

  • I am in love with life and live it to the fullest each day by…
  • I know the secret to happiness and it is…
  • I enjoy using my values and strengths each day. They guide me each day by…
  • I follow my true path every day by…
  • I am the very best version of myself everyday by…


About the Author:

Gabby is a Psychic, Medium, and Teacher, working professionally for over 10 years. Using her gifts to tune into the universe, Gabby receives insightful answers that help others in all areas of life. Quick and direct, Gabby delivers messages with truth and accuracy that enlighten and empower the soul.

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