5 Psychic Secrets to Physically Attract Love This Valentine’s Day

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There’s a lot you can do to attract love—regularly showering, brushing up on conversation starters, and getting yourself out there with other singles are good places to start. But what if you could do more to enhance your charm? According to psychics and spiritual practitioners, hopeful hearts have always had otherworldly tools at their disposal. Here are a few time-honored psychic secrets for turning your romantic appeal to full-blast just in time for Valentine’s Day:

Drape yourself in red. Those who intuitively sense the power of color have science on their side. Dating back to ancient times, crimson has been associated with virility and status. Modern studies confirm that men wearing red are perceived as more powerful. Women in red dresses, on the other hand, are reported to be more sexually attractive, and it’s even been observed that men tip waitresses wearing scarlet shirts more than an equally competent server in white. If you’re worried fire-engine red won’t match your complexion, don’t fret—there are plenty of shades to choose from, from soft blue-tinted reds to true rouges to practically orange hues, which means there’s a flattering option for every skin tone. You don’t have to go whole-hog, either. An accent, like a tie, scarf, or well-placed jewel, can be just as powerful as head-to-toe color. 

Crystallize your love. Many spiritual practitioners believe that naturally occurring crystals resonate with and amplify certain energies and moods. The most popular stone for romance is rose quartz, a gently blushing pink specimen that looks and feels like a warm embrace. Luscious emerald and ruby enhance sensuality and sex appeal, and amber-hued topaz will help you gather the courage and resolve to initiate a conversation with the attractive eye-candy on your radar. Crystals can be purchased online or in specialty shops. Meditating while holding them, or carrying a small piece in your pocket or around your neck, will put you in the state of mind for love to manifest. You can also give a chunk of a beloved mineral to a love interest for an unforgettable (and mystical) Valentine’s Day present. 

Vanilla or chocolate, you can’t lose. Although oysters are the most famed aphrodisiac, dating back to their prominent inclusion in Roman orgies, you don’t have to swallow a plate of slimy bivalves to reap the benefits of “love foods.” Both vanilla and chocolate have been demonstrated in the lab to contain compounds that stimulate affection feelings by way of brain chemistry. So mix up a dessert with some real Madagascar vanilla or buy some quality chocolate, then share with the object of your affection.

Open your heart chakra. When you’re seeking love, one of the most effective ways to attract romance is by exuding it yourself. That’s where energy work comes in. The seven chakras are our body’s natural energy centers, and the vibrant green hotspot in the center of your chest rules your heart—literally and figuratively. Aside from regulating cardiovascular wellness, the heart chakra supports your openness, generosity, and attachment to others. When it’s clouded or imbalanced, you might feel perpetually grouchy and standoffish (not to be confused with natural introversion, when you just need time to recharge by yourself), or insecure and prone to unstable, vacillating emotions. Meditating on your heart chakra, visualizing it being cleaned and revitalized by brilliant universal energy, and seeking the assistance of a chakra healer can all help you embody love and romance.

Oil up! We’re not talking about Crisco and canola oil—potently scented essential oils are where it’s at this Valentine’s Day. Distilling oils from plants is an ancient practice that has stuck around for millennia, and for good reason. Smell, more than any other sense, is capable of triggering even long-dormant memories and emotions. If you’ve ever stopped in your tracks, instantly thrust back into a childhood scene by a stray molecule of perfume, you understand the instinctive power of scent. Today, there are hundreds of natural oils to choose from, including frankincense, bergamot, chamomile, eucalyptus, and dill seed. Each is endowed with its special strengths. When it comes to attraction, it’s traditional to anoint the body with sensuous sandalwood, delicate jasmine, and seductive lady sclareol. But choosing your own iconic and distinct personal fragrance can be just as effective—when the faintest note of your unique blend wafts on the air, the object of your affection will think of you automatically. 

Although even the most effective psychic practice cannot magically induce people to fall in love with us, we can make ourselves inviting and alluring by cultivating certain habits. Keep in mind that none of these suggestions aim to bend the will of another person—the core of attraction is work on the self. Romance comes to those who project romance, likewise sensuality and compassion. Also, remember that these methods will become more powerful over time with practice, so don’t be disheartened if your energy work, experimentation with scents, or aphrodisiac cooking skills doesn’t transform your life into a rom-com overnight. Becoming a good lover and partner is a journey, and this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single or paired off, there’s no better time to practice. 

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