Are We Meant to Be? Tarot Cards That Predict Relationship Outcomes

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Where is your relationship headed? Should you even try to start something new with your current love interest? If you’re wondering what’s ahead for a partnership (existing or theoretical), the Tarot can begin answering your questions with just a single card. Here are some of the deck’s most-telling cards to look out for in your romantic readings:

The Two of Cups: Sometimes called the “soulmate card,” the Two of Cups arrives in your spread to inform you that your match has entered the picture. This is no ordinary partnership—you’re true equals that need each other, badly. You might feel an instant kinship with this individual, as if you’ve known him or her your entire life (or even in a previous one), and you can be assured that connection will never fade. No matter the outcome of your relationship, you will always remember this person. 

The Three of Swords: Three swords pierce a heart in the traditional Rider-Waite artwork for this card—do you really have to wonder what that foretells? When you draw the Three of Swords, the question isn’t, “Will things go South?” What you should be asking is, “How bad will the heartache be?” You may be in for a breakup that wounds you to the core. The triple swords are sometimes interpreted as a warning of a love triangle, too. You might lose your relationship to an interloper, or you may even be the one who does the cheating. In any case, this is a portentous card not to be taken lightly—ask what you can do, if anything, to avert such an agonizing end. 

The Ten of Cups: This is it! You hit the jackpot, and we should all be very jealous of you. Love, family, and security are on the way.

The Devil: There are two love-related interpretations of this card. In a dark light, this is a warning of addiction and abuse. It’s a dysfunctional relationship you just can’t leave, and more often than not, you’re miserable and hurting. Then again, many Pagans interpret The Devil as the Horned God, a natural, benevolent, and masculine force. In this view, it foretells getting back to your most basic, uncomplicated state—a relationship that helps you connect with your innermost self. Which interpretation is right can be discerned by a skilled reader or by the surrounding cards. 

The Five of Pentacles: Among the bleakest cards in the deck is the Five of Pentacles, which traditionally depicts two forlorn souls wandering a desolate wasteland. But what does this gloomy scene really mean? In terms of a relationship, it’s actually a positive omen: through the darkest, most trying periods of your life, your partner will be close by your side. And, you will support him or her with equally unwavering loyalty. Perhaps you are currently struggling to get by, this card represents an individual who selflessly shoulders the burden with you. Expect great things when the storm inevitably lifts. 

The Eight of Cups: This card has a simple interpretation: You will get tired of this relationship eventually. Your dreams and highest aspirations will lead you elsewhere. Don’t get too comfy. 

The Lovers: Is the deck’s most quintessentially romantic card a guarantee of lasting love? Not necessarily. The Lovers is a card of all-consuming ardor that kicks off with the force of nature—it means you’re experiencing the kind of infatuation that blankets your waking hours with a delightful haze. It might seem that you are divinely ordained to be with your new paramour—after all, it must be an omen that you both have a freckle on your left ankle. And you probably feel the best (and get the least done at work) when you’re in the rosy territory of this card. But there’s no telling where things are headed. Like an indifferent sun, every spell of passion eventually fades, and then you’ll be forced to reckon with the substance of your relationship. Is there enough of a bond to forge ahead when fleeting touches no longer fill you with instant ecstasy? 

Death: Calm down! Your relationship isn’t necessarily kaput if Death comes up in a reading. This is a card of natural change and progression. So if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it might just be an indicator of evolution and the release of bad habits. You should only be concerned if Death is surrounded by violent cards, like The Tower or the Nine of Swords.

When you’re reading about the future of a relationship, it’s vital to keep in mind that the future is not fixed—it’s something you create. When you look to the Tarot for answers, it tells you what could happen if you stay on the same path. So if you don’t like what you see, you have the power to change your current situation. A relationship that seems to be doomed according to a reading is not absolutely destined to fail, but you must carefully evaluate why the spread is so negative and if you truly wish to repair things at all. 

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