Angels and Fairies: How Flower Therapy Can Guide You This Spring

fairy around flowers

by Keen Psychic Advisor: Adored Angel

Let me introduce you to your elemental flower therapy companions: fairies and angels. Flower Therapy is a healing modality that works with different blossoms, based upon colors, essence, fragrance, appearance, and energies. Flower Therapy is used for nature’s healing abilities, like naturopathic medicine. Each variety has a different purpose, to promote emotional and physical wellness.

Let’s begin our session together! First, ground yourself with Mother Nature who is our divine vessel. Take a minute and just close your eyes, take three deep breaths in, hold it in for a count of three, and release it for a count of three. Next, visualize roots that are like tendrils of vines from the trees growing from the bottom of your feet, swirling into the core of Mother Earth. Once you reach the molten lava in the core, you will slowly come back to your earthly, physical plane. Center yourself by crossing your right hand over your left knee, and your left hand over your right knee. Very slowly, touch the bottoms of your ankles, come up slowly, and open your eyes.

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Next, let us begin calling upon the Fairies. They make wonderful allies. If you can print out a photo of a Fairy, pick up a Fairy figurine, or just visualize the Fairies entering your sacred space, that will set the intention of what you would like to happen this spring. You want to work hand-in-hand with Fairies and the flowers that you select because it is their home to the elemental kingdom. You will feel the fairy energy and see a twinkling of Fairy dust and white sparkles out of the corner of your eye. Your desires will manifest in the speed of light.

Angels are our loving companions, involved in helping us in every aspect of our lives. They are in your own flower garden, at the ocean in the blades of wildflowers, in nature in the fields of the mountains, and in a vase of flowers on your sacred altar. They are so happy and their cup runneth over when you decide to work with Flower Therapy. If you feel so inclined, ask for help in choosing a particular flower to assist you to heal a specific situation. The Angels will help you select the right flowers for you. You can never go wrong in your choice! The Angels will bring more spiritual, emotional, and physical beauty with the assistance of flowers.

Metaphysical issues can also be resolved with Flower Therapy. It can open your psychic abilities and deepen your spiritual practice. Flower Therapy readings provide direction and guidance for you, your clients, and your loved ones. Just by looking at a photography of a flower, bathing with specific flower petals, and sitting next to a particular plant is a wonderful way to work with flower energies.

I especially loved the movie “Wrinkle in Time,” whose theme was hope and love. The scene where the flowers helped the children find their father was very touching. As soon as the children called upon the flowers, they came to life, conversing with them, in a high, bubbly pitch. The flowers had so much to say! When you need healing in your life, listen closely– the flowers will talk back to you and give guidance to you. The flower fairies have silky, straight hair, either black or dark brown and sometimes blonde.

When you are connecting with a flower, they each have their own specific energy. They are almost similar to certain archangels. Each archangel has a certain color aura, if you are guided to connect with archangels to flowers based on their color.

Archangel Ariel: Pale Shade of Pink

Archangel Jeremiel: Deep Eggplant Purple

Archangel Chamuel: Pale Green

Archangel Uriel: Yellow

Archangel Metatron: Violet, Seafoam stripes

Archangel Zadkiel:  Indigo Blue

Archangel Raziel: All prisms of the rainbow

Archangel Jophiel:  Deep Rose Pink

Archangel Azrael:  Very Pale Yellow

Archangel Michael: Royal Blue

Archangel Raguel: Pale Blue

Archangel Sandaphon: Turquoise

Archangel Haniel: Blueish-White

Prayer to the Angels and Fairies

Dearest Angels and Fairies, please guide me today as I work and select your healing flowers. I wish to choose the perfect ones to honor my Gods and Goddesses. I ask that you surround me with a bubble of white light and remind me to play like the children in a Wrinkle In Time. I have deep respect and love for all that you do. Please keep me centered and grounded as I invoke the flowers that are in bloom this spring.

And So It Is. Amen.


About the Author:

Adored Angel (Desiree Szabo) is an angelic interpreter who sheds gentle light on life’s toughest problems. Her background as a psychic is formal training as a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy, and the Healing Angels of the Energy Field. She has been practicing her work since early childhood. Her specialty is helping you to see the light, through prayers, healings, cellular angelic energy and angel card readings.

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