Libra Man Libra Woman Compatibility


A match between twin peacemakers of the zodiac sounds like pure heaven, but is it really all fun and games for everyone involved? Libra is well-known as a sign that thrives on partnership and balance so it would seem a bond with another Libra would be the best way to achieve this. The good news is that this optimistic outlook is correct; Libra men and women who enter any relationship with each other have an extremely high chance of success and satisfaction. There are definite challenges which will need to be addressed, namely in the areas of emotional expression and decisiveness. These are weaknesses of Libra and having a partner that shares them can result in lack of growth and change. Such is the danger of twin sign relationships; they can become so comfortable in ignorance that when problems are at last acknowledged they might be too big to handle. Libra men and women seeking love in the arms of another Libra should temper their expectations, as the same sign does not equate to feeling the same way about all things. Remember your partner or companion is a unique person despite all the traits you may share and your chance at finding compatibility greatly improves. Read on to discover what to expect when you tackle life with the ultimate companion at your side.

Basic Compatibility

Libra men and women tend to value two things most highly, partnership and balance in every aspect of their lives. They are one of the few partner-seeking zodiac signs who view life as incomplete and often fail to be happy without a soulmate at their side. While this may seem romantic, desperation often leads partner-seekers to tolerate unhealthy situations in the belief that someone is better than no one. Luckily, between Libras, cruelty and malice are almost unheard of as the scales tend to be very gentle and loving in most cases. Libra also believe in justice and fairness and are known as the most cooperative sign in the zodiac. Two Libras living together will have no trouble sharing equally in responsibilities and resources.

While problems between dual Libras are few and far between, it would be wrong to pretend that all will go smoothly always. For example, balance may seem rather general of a description to one partner, while the other views it specifically down to the very last detail. Everything can seem to go well when your minds and lives seem to be two of a kind, but beware of the moment they are not. Having different friend circles, careers that differ greatly in time demands, and spending more time with people other than your partner can allow unhappiness to fester. As Libras avoid confrontation at all costs, don’t be surprised if the first time you hear of a concern, your partner is at breaking point. Libra men and women are also notorious for holding grudges, and in the worst of times it can bleed over into passive-aggressive behavior that will help no one. To be at their best, the airing of grievances will need to become a routine part of communication, avoiding the issues associated with denial and avoidance.

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Love And Relationships

Libra women and men are true social butterflies, always happy to be surrounded by people of all types. They carry a natural charm with them wherever they go, and are never short on company or even inquiring suitors. Socially, they refuse to put unnecessary expectations on friends to be like them, particularly in reference to morals. Despite normally being cooperative, Libras do have a bit of a rebellious side which manifests as striking out their own path without stepping on anyone’s toes. They love the appeal of being unique and not conforming to everyone else, and therein lies a potential issue in a double Libra relationship. If you have a partner devoted to mirroring your every move, you may get frustrated at your inability to stand out. For female Libras especially, having someone “steal” your time to shine or attention by claiming your idea as their own can be a depressing experience.

Intimate relationships are exceptionally sweet between Libras. It should come as no surprise that the scales are very romantic individuals, and this bliss only grows with a partner who will respond to their romantic gestures by showering them in the same. Libra men and women generally have zero interest in futureless relationships, and will gladly forego hook-ups in favor of waiting for their one true love. The bad news is that it is easy for a Libra to fall head over heels for someone even when personally incompatible, especially as need grows. The good news is this is rarely a problem between two Libras, and their natural diplomacy skills offer some hope at working out their differences. Libra men and Libra women can be clingy, and this can and will cause issues if both partners do not share the same level of desire to be with each other. In order for needs for space to be respected, they must be communicated which means overcoming a desire to avoid confrontation. Overall, the relationship is beautiful and truly promising, but it is communication or the lack thereof that will make or break it.

Working Together

It goes without saying that Libras excel in the workplace together. They are frequently favored by their co-workers and are fair and understanding bosses. An interaction between two Libras will almost never cause an issue; they will frequently mesh together and cooperatively complete tasks with ease. Leadership can be difficult due to the inward fear of making decisions, but when push comes to shove Libras are amazingly effective when in charge. Unlike in relationships, a Libra has no qualms about speaking up about injustice when he or she sees it. So, while they tend to avoid causing drama, they are not opposed to a little purposeful activism.

When Libra men and Libra women get together, it can feel like the most wonderful relationship in existence. Both the shared appreciation for romance and the mirrored enjoyment of being together nearly always, make it hard to spot areas where this dream can come to an abrupt end. In all fairness, the benefits of a mirror match between Libras far outweigh any potential cons. Communication will invariably be the deciding factor between happily ever after and a short ride to heartbreak. For the Libras of the world: don’t ignore your chances with a fellow Libra-born as you may well be truly meant for each other.

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